Is PeopleWhiz illegal?

Ever dreamt of performing background checks for your employees or colleagues? Gone are the days when you had to hire a private detective to know the whereabouts of your friends or spouse, or any person in your life. Technology is getting advanced these days, thus allowing you to find all the required information right from your couch.

The internet is packed with tons of data broker sites that provide a basic background check that includes personal information and other data your employee or client might be hiding. One such website is PeopleWhiz. And believe us, its reputation and popularity speak volumes.

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PeopleWhiz is referred to as the leading player in performing these background checks and helps you discover the hidden truths right from your comfort zone. But while it provides insight into other’s endeavors and whereabouts, is it really safe or transparent?

Well, if you aren’t sure about that and struggling to find whether the site is legal or not, you might have visited the right place. We have dug into this platform from the deep within and compiled a genuine review about the same. So, look no more and scroll down to find out if it is illegal or vice versa.

PeopleWhiz – The Basics

It’s not easy to trust someone in this cunning world, and that’s what gives rise to data-broking sites, like PeopleWhiz. Whether you are searching for yourself or someone else, this website runs a basic background check and lets you screen people in seconds.

PeopleWhiz is introduced with the motto to provide users with highly detailed, accurate background reports, so they can find the true colors of everyone around them. Its background check is much more than just verifying someone’s identity. And the best part – it doesn’t require detailed information to begin your search. You can screen people just by adding their name, city, and state. Easy, isn’t it?

Its search capabilities have already generated a lot of buzz, and the site has already been listed on CNN, Forbes, and USA Today. But the question remains the same – Is it legal and safe, or hiding something behind its lucrative cover?

If you aren’t sure about PeopleWhiz and want to dig a bit deeper, this guide is curated for you. Keep scrolling the page to find out all you need to know before signing up with this data broker site.

What are PoepleWhiz Search Capabilities?

As already suggested that PeopleWhiz is way more than just a background check website. So, it’s time to burst the bubble and look into the site’s actual search capabilities. Scroll down and see what information this site can offer.

  • Phone number and address
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • School transcripts
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Criminal history and arrest records
  • Property sales
  • Credit reports

What makes PeopleWhiz worth trying?

Now that you are aware of the PeopleWhiz basics and search capabilities, it’s now time to find out what exactly makes this platform worth signing up for.

  • Ease of Use: PeopleWhiz simplifies the background check process by allowing you to look through an endless amount of records and information. Moreover, it comes with a simple interface, so you can run a background check without facing a learning curve.
  • Good customer support: Don’t worry if you don’t understand the process, their customer support representatives are there to help. Besides a hotline, this website also offers assistance via email.

Is PeopleWhiz illegal?

The resounding answer is NO. PeopleWhiz is one of the prominent data broking sites that allows you to check the information in just a few simple taps. It is a 100% legit site, and you can count on them. You can request refunds if you are not satisfied with their results.

However, it must be noted that PeopleWhiz isn’t a consumer reporting agency; hence, the findings or searches on this website cannot be used for specific purposes.

According to the Far Credit Reporting Act, it is illegal to use PeopleWhiz for the below-mentioned purposes.

  • Screening potential employees
  • Checking educational admissions or scholarships
  • Screening tenants
  • Reviewing customer accounts for business transactions
  • Check credit eligibility
  • Hiring at-home workers

Other than these, all searches using PeopleWhiz are safe and legal. Are you still concerned about your privacy? Don’t worry, you’ve got the option to opt out of PeopleWhiz safely soon after you perform a background check. You can either remove your information manually or use third-party apps to do so.


Between the news and endless documentaries, you should be very cautious when bringing a new person into your life. And that’s where PeopleWhiz comes into play. This platform allows you to perform background checks on anyone to know what you are getting into. Don’t worry all searches are safe and secure, and are based on true facts. The best thing – you can get started by simply sharing a person’s name, state, city, and state, and pulling from over 67 billion searchable records online.

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