Is it safe to use mobile data for banking?

The online banking system has become extremely popular among retail customers. People are taking advantage of the online banking portal to transfer money securely from one place to another. But secure is the online banking system? Well, the answer greatly depends on the users’ actions and the type of portal you are using. If you use a reputed bank, chances are very high that you are using the latest software with strong security updates. But if you are not an active customer of the reputed bank, chances are high that you are not using a secured portal.

mobile data for banking

Due to heavy workload, people often access their banking portal via mobile devices. The mobile might be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, hotspot or regular mobile data. So, how safe are your mobile data connection for the online banking system? Read this article carefully since we are going to highlight very important facts about this online banking system.

Public vs. private connection

If your mobile device is connected to public Wi-Fi, you are exposed to the heavy threat. Smart hackers can easily gain access to your mobile device with the help of suspicious lines or unwanted programs. So, if you access online banking account via a public network, you are more vulnerable to risk. In this case, the mobile network is much secured since the hackers can’t inject malicious programs via the mobile network. Some of you might think that traditional mobile data connection is not safe since you directly getting the data from the cellular tower. But if you dig deep or research about the data transmission protocol, you will realize why smart investors never use the public Wi-Fi to get access to their bank account.

Cellular data protocol

If you are truly concerned about the safety of mobile data connection, you need to understand different service provider uses a different protocol. For instance, if you use a 3G connection, you are most likely to use a different encryption method than the 4G or LTE connection. So, if you are concerned about the in-depth details of the encryption method, you should ask your service provider about the security measures taken to protect their client data. However, you should always use the private browsing search engine when you access any banking portal URL since all the data will be kept anonymous and it will add an extra layer of security to your online banking transactions. In fact, even you can stay secured in the public network by using the private search engine. But still, it’s always better to stay cautious since the hackers are always trying a new method to penetrate the security of the users.

Is your phone secured?

The safety of the mobile data connection also depends on the security of your phone. If you installed third-party apps developed by the hackers, regardless of the connection type, you are bound to get security threat at the initial stage. Though it will be a complicated process to hack your phone the smart hackers are easily doing so with the help of premium free apps. So, stop installing a cracked version of any app if you intend to use your smartphone to transact money online. The safety of your fund should be your first priority. Always install apps from reliable sources so that you don’t have to deal with a security breach of your smartphone. If necessary purchase mobile antivirus and start using it. As soon as your phone is infected with malicious software it will clean the virus. Thus you will always have secured mobile data connection since the antivirus program will monitor suspicious activities.

End to end connection

This might be a little bit complex but it is important to know when you use the mobile data connection for online banking. First of all the online banking system encrypts your data before sending it to the server end. During the data transfer between the server, browser and banking system, all the data get encrypted. And if you use the mobile data connection, the service providers also encrypts the data which offers an extra layer of security. So, it’s very obvious, the mobile data connection is relatively safe than the public network.


In order to use the online banking system, you must be careful with your steps. Use the apps from trusted sites and ignore the suspicious links. And keep your phone software regulatory updated so that you always get the latest security patch.

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