If You Delete Threads, Does it Delete Instagram?

Meta’s Threads has created a buzz since the moment it stepped into the social media universe. With over 50 million signups in such a short span, this app has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing applications on the Internet.

But while the app is getting lots of attention from everyone out there, including celebrities, leading brands, and ordinary users, it is equally generating annoyance when you start digging deep into its terms and privacy policies.

This Twitter-like platform is currently referred to as a potential Twitter Killer and is a long shot at Elon Musk. However, it has unfortunately been going through some serious account deletion issues recently. And if the company doesn’t work on these issues now, it might land this “Twitter Killer” on the verge of hate in no time.

Some users claim that they cannot delete their Threads profile permanently, and these are not speculations but annoying reality. Want to dig deep into this problem? Keep scrolling the page and find out what happens to your Instagram account when you try to remove your Threads profile. Read on.

What Information Do Threads Collect?

Hold on; before you jump to the conclusion, let’s find out what data this new text-based app collects in order to make things a bit clearer and simple.

Threads use your Instagram credentials to sign-up; hence, it first collects all the details users have provided to the company when they use or interact with Instagram or Threads. It includes everything, ranging from Threads profile, daily activity, and followers to third-party services and device information.

Meta assures that your information will remain safe with them and the company won’t leak anything without your consent. According to developers, these details are collected for the purpose to provide personalized experiences. However, there’s nothing known about whether Instagram will still be able to access and use Threads data.

Can you keep your Instagram account when deleting Threads?

The question lurking in everyone’s mind right now is whether they can keep their IG account when removing Threads, and the simple answer is NO. Wondering why? To understand the reason, let’s recall the signup process for Threads. Maybe it will give you the answer.

To signup with Threads, you must

  • Enter your Instagram credentials, including your username and password.

Did these steps ring the bell? Meta has always marketed Threads as an Instagram text-based conversation app. Has it ever promoted it as a standalone app? The answer is No.

It simply means that both Instagram and Threads are integrated together, which is why you cannot delete your Threads profile without wiping your Instagram account. In case you missed it, you yourself entered your IG credentials when signing up for Threads, then what’s this mess all about?

Technically, no one has a Threads account. It is another layer of Instagram that you opt-in to, then how can you delete your Threads profile individually?

So, any new user who is looking forward to trying a Threads account must ensure to read their privacy policies and conditions to avoid any last-minute surprises. Threads have introduced unusual limitations to Threads’ profile customization, with a key point of contention being that your Instagram handle is so tied into this service that you will have to wipe both profiles to get rid of your Threads account permanently.

Is there any other way to remove your Threads profile?

Got stuck with Threads and wondering if there’s any way (apart from wiping your Instagram account) to free yourself from its clutches? Well, fortunately, Yes, there is a way out to banish your Threads account for good.

You can simply deactivate your Threads profile, and it’s done. The process hides your Threads profile for as long as you will not sign-up for the profile again. Feeling relieved? Indeed, you should.

We agree to the fact that deactivating isn’t the permanent solution, but something is better than nothing, and in this case, deactivating is no less than a godsend for those who want to remove their Threads profile as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, deactivating your Threads profile won’t delete your Threads data or affect your Instagram account. Additionally, you are free to access your Theads profile again whenever you want to. Just enter your Instagram credentials and activate your Threads account in less than no time. One thing users must note is that they can deactivate Threads only once a week.


Tired of that “bird” app? Meta’s Threads is here to entertain you. But before you get tempted by its features and marketing, be mindful that it’s not a standalone app and is linked to your Instagram account. Once you signed up with Threads, there’s no way to remove it. Hence, be cautious with their policies and make a move accordingly.

That’s all for now. Stay connected with us for more Threads-related updates.

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