iApps4u: The Top 8 Alternatives to iApps4u to Download Tweaks on iPhone (No JailBreak)

iApps4u is an application for iOS phones, iPhones, that works as an alternative store to the App store. For this, you will need to do some extra procedures in your terminal and make adjustments that can be confusing. But the benefits iApps4u offers us are too many, such as being able to download unofficial applications or those not compatible with your iOS device. iApps4u is one of the best Apple third-party app installers for iPhone where you can get Spotify++, YouTube++ without ads, WhatsApp, and many other iOS tweaked apps and games. iApps4u works without jailbreaking your iPhone. However, it is not the only one of its kind and we want you to know the best alternatives to iApps4u.

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In the market, proposals in this style do not abound, mainly because Apple devices come with a lot of security measures that make it very difficult to violate, unlike Android. But a few have done their best because you can enjoy a more customizable team, so here, we are going to present to you what are other similar apps like However, it is not the only one of its kind and we want you to know the best alternatives to iApps4u.

8 Best iApps4u Alternatives 2021


With Emus4u you will be a very good tool to start exploring. Although this proposal is not only an app store like the others, you can find applications to install. And it is that it has a catalog of modified apps that can be downloaded and stored perfectly on your computer, especially those premiums that you do not have the possibility to pay. This represents an opportunity for those users who need extra help.

In addition, Emus4u also has another cluster of features that you will love. Its interface is super intuitive and you will not get lost among its menus because they are perfectly organized for all kinds of people. As additional instruments, you will find a screen recorder with which you can take video captures of your conversations and navigations. Meanwhile, there is an exclusive deep cleaner, with which it will be easy to erase temporary files from your computer.

Zestia Step

Say goodbye to the Jailbreak. That annoying process that allows you to install unofficial applications on your precious iPhone is in the past, at least if you use Zestia Step. With it, you can download and install a lot of apps on an iPhone or iPad, since it contains a quite complete alternative store. But unlike iApps4u, you can download it from your browser and it won’t be necessary to connect to your desktop computer to pass it via USB, a quite significant advantage.

On the other hand, Zestia Step works very well on newer computers, including the latest iOS 12 version. In it you find a catalog of apps to install and enjoy, especially those that are not launched within the app store and with additional tools that you will love. However, their catalog is not as extensive as iApps4u’s and you may not find the same applications. But as for usability and profitability, you have a lot to explore here.


Do you like modified and tweaked apps? These differ from the originals in that they were arranged to add incredible new additional features. AppValley is packed with them as third-party developers have been taking novel updates from the App Store to make changes to their apps and add new features. Failing that, you will find modifications from YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Netflix, Google, among other great options.

In this sense, AppValley stands out among the alternatives to iApps4u for being very easy to use. You have an extensive catalog of applications to test, including those that are not available in the official Apple store and that you have always wanted to try. In fact, there are some proposals made exclusively for Android terminals, which were included within this alternative, so you probably want to know how well it works on your smart device.


Imagine a world where you can enjoy paid applications from the App Store, but without paying anything. TweakBox came to make your dream come true, because it is an alternative application to the official Apple store, with which you can install the best and most prominent apps, including those that are premium and recently launched on the market. In other words, its catalog is updated as soon as the new official versions come out, perfect for keeping up to date with its functions.

Meanwhile, TweakBox combines the best of all the features that are available in the rest of the iApps4u alternatives, as it also provides you with modified apps, just like AppValley. As for its installation, finish making you happy because you don’t need your device to have the annoying Jailbreak to be able to install it since just download it in the browser is enough. Similarly, it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


You probably don’t want to install anything untrusted app or game on your device, and that is totally understandable. If you also decide to download external applications, then your best option will be iNoJB. This application does not need Jailbreak to install because you simply will not have to install it. No more USB cables or anything happening from your computer. And it is that it is an option that works from the favorite browser of your team, so you just enter, choose the app and enjoy it.

It should be noted that iNoJB has a fairly respectable catalog because you find both premium applications, as well as official ones without apparent changes and even those made by third-party developers. Of course, it is not as wide as iApps4u, since its offers are smaller. But if what you want is a good place where you will probably find the app you are looking for; this could be a good solution. It is available from iOS 7 and later iOS versions.


To continue developing a good list of alternatives to iApps4u, we cannot fail to include AppEven in this list. And it is that with it you can download a lot of great applications, including those that are official, modified and third-party, so that you have more from which to choose. But what pleases the most about its code is that your device does not need to have a Jailbreak to install itself, because it works wonderfully as if it were an app downloaded from the official store.

As if that were not enough, AppEven also has a search engine by category, making it quite similar to the App Store and that is worth a lot. The only negative we can detect is that its catalog is not as extensive as the previous ones and it lacks several popular applications. In addition to that, if you have a device less than iOS 9, then you will not be able to install it among its ranks either because it is only available for computers from that operating system to the iOS 12 and iOS 13.

Asterix Installer

If we are tired of something, it is that Apple does not allow us to customize the interface of our devices. We are very limited in terms of useful topics and gadgets, which are provided by Android. For that reason, we want you to try Asterix Installer, an amazing store-like app that has tons of cool options. From paid applications for free downloads to those modified and those that will let you customize the conditions of your cell phone.


Of course, if your iOS does not let you install all these applications that we have already shown you, but you want to do it anyway, then you could try Hydia. It’s an additional app store and you also find multiple customizable apps. But what you will like the most is that you can download other apps like iApps4u, Asterix Installer, and many other things. Similarly, you do not need to have the Jailbreak to execute it or anything additional, so it is worth it.

Bottom line

Download applications, install modified apps and tweaks, get customizations of your cell phone without Jailbreak, and more with these top alternatives to iApps4u. These additional stores for Apple are stronger than ever. Taking advantage of thousands of completely free apps and even with exclusive features that their manufacturers do not offer us can be an opportunity that you should not miss, especially if you like to personalize your Smartphone and give it other continuity options. Tell us which one among these best iApps4u alternatives did you like the most in the comment box.

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