How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously 2021

Instagram has become an essential social media platform these days. The latest data shows that people prefer Instagram more than Facebook. The app from Facebook got even more response users when it added Snapchat-like features of posting stories that stay on a user’s profile for 24 hours. As you know when you check out someone’s Instagram story post, it does notify them and they could see that you viewed them. So what to do if you want to watch someone’s story without them notifying or being seen? You may be thinking how can I watch my crush’s story but as you don’t follow her/him; they would know that you have viewed it. So there is a way to do this without them actually knowing. So let’s take a look at how to do it. In this article, we would like to show you how to view Instagram story post anonymously. 

watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Method 1 – How to watch Instagram stories without being seen

There is a website called and if you go there you could search someone’s username and look at their story anonymously. This works on a browser on any of your devices including computers, mobile, and tablets regardless of which OS you use. On mobile, we notice it doesn’t show you a lot of ads and it isn’t difficult like other similar websites. The desktop version may show you some ads but you would not find any trouble in the usage

  • You just have to search for any of the Instagram account here. For a try, you can try any of your friend’s username who has an Instagram story post or try your own account or channel. 
  • You shall also see the regular feed post that you can easily watch on Instagram’s official website as well. You see a regular icon as shown in the Instagram app when there is a story available. 
  • So, just click on the profile icon of the account and you will be shown all of the stories posted by the person or the channel. You can also check the highlights of stories saved by the users you searched for.
  • The site will play stories one by one just like the regular mobile app of Instagram. One of the extraordinary perks of this site is that it allows you to download stories whether it is photo or video or text.

The reason why we like this is because this is a website it’s not an app. A lot of other posts and videos that we found on this topic say you have to install an app. Such an app uses your username and this might at some point be against Instagram’s term of service. We like just using a website to do this and recommend you to do it. It’s pretty safe as you don’t have to sign in with your account. 

Method 2 – How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously

The other option we wanted to show you is an app for Android. So if you have an iPhone then you can’t actually do this so you have to rely on the website that we mentioned above. But there is an app called story say for Android that does the same work for you. If the website does not work, go ahead and try this Android app.

But again we are not going to recommend using an app to do this we like to use a browser. There used to be a Chrome extension of this website but that has been removed by Instagram now. So, we are assuming this is against the term of service in some way using apps or extensions to watch Instagram stories anonymously. But this is a website and as long as it’s up, you could go ahead and use it.

Is it legal to watch Instagram stories without them seeing?

Well, we don’t know if it is legal or not but you go to the “About” section of the website it says it’s basically using Instagram’s open API but it is not certified by Instagram. API is open to anyone to make a website using this technique. So you can check the stories of other people on Instagram without being in the “view” list.

Final words:

So this is how you can watch anyone Instagram stories without notifying them. But always keep in mind that if the person’s Instagram account is private then you shall not be able to watch their stories. So there is no such tool where you can watch stories of privates Instagram account free. use this website and if this stops working for some reason let us know in the comments and so we could check to see if this is actually against Instagram Terms of Service and that’s why they’re turning this down. We will provide you some other similar websites where you can watch people’s Instagram stories without leaving a trace. 

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