How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

Social media is the golden egg-laying goose of the modern world. If nourished properly you can get enormous profits daily through passive income. You can increase your brand name and awareness significantly in a short time and target new customers. Here is a checklist of top 10 ways to use social media to promote your business.

Social Media to Promote Your Business

  1. Provide Value to The Customer: Use your blog, website, YouTube channel and Facebook posts to create value to your customers. If your business produces medicine for diabetic patients, post content regarding the latest diabetic cure, research, nutrition tips, how to live with diabetes Give valuable content to the customer.
  2. Keep It Visually Pleasing: If you are using Instagram and Pinterest create visually stunning images showcasing your products to kindle customer interests. Be creative in displaying your products. For example, instead of just showcasing a medicine strip or a pill bottle, create a gif with all the ingredients in it and show all of them entering the pill bottle.
  3. Do Not Overpromote: Concentrate on giving value to the customer through your social media, rather than promoting your products constantly. The customers should think “I will get valuable news regarding diabetics if I go to this blog or click on their Pinterest tips image”. This will automatically make them choose your brand when they want to purchase a product.
  4. Handle Customer Complaints Through Twitter: Twitter is a great way to handle customer complaints immediately and gather customer insights about the product too. Appoint a dedicated person dealing with Twitter to handle all customers’ queries on Twitter and collect feedback regarding new products, conducting polls
  5. Create a Community: Create a community of customers, suppliers, office staff and researchers. Keep in touch with everyone involved with your business or brand through social
  6. Get Loyal Followers: Give a special discount to customers who have been following you on social media for a long time. Target them with unique promotional codes, superfast delivery and sample freebies when new products are launched to make them feel special. Reward loyal followers now and then to inspire others to engage actively with your brand on social
  7. Understand the Customers Better: Use advanced analytical tools to check what the customers like most in your social media and why they like it. Try to map the customer persona of your followers and classify their main demographics like age, location, hobbies, work etc. Understanding your customer persona and getting a glimpse of their lifestyle and potential spending will enable you to create better products for them and sell better to them.
  8. Use Geolocalization: Geolocalization creates customized products for a person from a certain location based on their customer analytics data. It is similar to selling a warm sweater to a person in a cold area. But understanding each customer segment based on their location helps in creating and promoting in their language, representing their culture. It helps to tackle competition better and create a strong bond with the customers. Social media is the place to collect such geo-targeted data about your customers.
  9. Use Influencer Marketing: Social media influencers have millions of followers. Their fans trust the products and brands they endorse. Unlike olden days these new celebrities interact with their fans on a daily basis. They represent the heart and brain of the mainstream customers to the brand. They act as a bridge between legitimate brands and the customers. Use their high popularity to make all their followers view your brand. Sponsor them, make them talk about your brand, promote it, to create better brand awareness among their fans.
  10. Take advantage of cause marketing: Social media is the best place to promote the corporate social responsibility or CSR of your brand. Conduct an event to support a cause and invite the social media influencer you are sponsoring to it. Arrange for a fan meetup on the premises. Educate the customers about the cause and make them buy your products from the stall. Showcase how a percentage of the profits supports the cause.

Now that we covered how effectively social media can be used to promote your business, here are a few mistakes to avoid while using social media.

  1. Brands should not disclose their trade secrets on their social media page.
  2. Brands should always have a functioning social media manager who posts regularly on every social media platform.
  3. Posting your company’s annual day picture on Instagram and wishing Happy New Year to your customers isn’t enough anymore. Constant and regular value-adding engagement should be given.
  4. Do direct promotions of your product during their launch and every six months after that. Keep the sales or promotion tone subtle and low the remaining time.
  5. Ensure your blog is not spammed by ads and your social media postings look professional.
  6. Do not post personal beliefs hurting certain races, communities, etc, which will severely tarnish the brand reputation.
  7. Do not copy others brands’ content or create a similar one immediately. It will hinder the brand image and make the audience doubt your originality.
  8. Select social media influencers wisely. Take time to see whether their working and customer engagement style is suitable for your brand reputation. A swearing video gamer is not a suitable person to promote games for kids.
  9. Keep track of the social media contests and reward the customers as promised. Otherwise, they will start thinking you are a phony.
  10. Do not delete negative comments or respond to them with anger. Use a professional tone to explain yourself.

Check the identity of such people on the Nuwber website to find out whether they are associated with your competitors. If so, handle them with professionalism still to maintain your image among other customers.

Every brand should use social media effectively to prevent getting side-lined among high competition. It is highly important to use social media effectively and avoid all the mistakes mentioned to get more followers and stay on the positive side of the customers.

Use social media as a brand image building, awareness creating tool that will direct lots of potential buyers to your actual website, increasing your sales. Post interesting and highly engaging content that provides high value to the customers.

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