How to Use Social Media For Business Development

Social media has become quite popular over the years. As a business owner, it is almost a crime not to have a social media page. You are missing out on a lot of opportunities. If numbers are anything to go by, according to Statista, 71 percent of internet users globally were mainly social network users. 

There is an increase in social media which should be an encouragement for business owners who plan on having an online presence. So, how exactly do you ensure that your business takes into consideration having a social media handle?

  1. Have an operational website

This can’t be stressed further. One way for people to gauge you is if you have a business website. Get a good web developer to help you come up with your site. Also, ensure that it is SEO friendly. Some of the basics would be ensuring that the loading speed is faster to increase the click-through rate.

Businesses that have websites look more professional. It helps attract people who are interested in your products and services.

  1. Selecting social media platforms for the business

Growing your business does not merely mean having all social media platforms. For a small business owner, it can be quite hectic trying to maintain all those social media accounts. If there are available funds, you can hire a social media manager who will be in charge of all them.

The first step before opening the accounts is identifying your market. Get to know your target market. Are they mostly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram? Having the answer to this helps you to maximize your efforts towards building a network.

Facebook has over 2 billion users which could be a great starting point.

  1. Growing your audience

Opening a social media account for your business is not enough. Growing your audience should be the next step. What marketing procedures have you put up for the business? This is a great starting point. Considering that the business is an existing one, you have clients who are already aware of your business.

How do you exactly lure your existing clients to like your social media platform? In the case that you use email marketing (which is a great email marketing platform), you could add a sweet note on the email signatures such as “follow us on social media.

Another great way is creating social media buttons on your site that will link directly to the respective social profiles. That way, you grow your audience.

Hashtags come in handy when used well. Use them as a way of reaching new audiences. Hashtags allow you to tag your social media content with topics that are relevant to what you post. In this case, when people search for specific topics, your company will appear among the searches.

Influencer marketing is a growing trend. Get somebody in your niche who is well known and have them market your products. Influencers have a huge following and could potentially bring in more clients and followers as well.

  1. Start a conversation

Being tech savvy is something every business owner should strive to acquire. You should know the basics of handling a PC, not calling a technician every time something happens. However, help for more advanced repairs.

Among the things to being tech-savvy is that you should at least know the ropes to operate the business’s social media account.  For Facebook, you could start a conversation. Be keen to respond to people’s questions.

One of Facebook’s algorithms is looking at how you respond to posts. 

  1. Consider the visual aspect

Most people don’t want to keep reading a very long article. The truth is, attention spans of people are short. Therefore, adding photos and videos to your social content helps in gaining online visibility. Whether it’s just a simple text, find an appropriate image that complements the post.

Consider platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest that are more visual.

  1. Scheduling posts

Post scheduling is crucial towards ensuring that all posts go live on their intended dates. This is part of a strategy that will help grow your audience which means more clientele.

Scheduling helps save on time and is less stressful. It also helps you to be consistent which makes the audiences look forward to your posts. It could just be an appreciation post or a product introduction post.

There are apps available for scheduling different accounts. Tailwind works best for Pinterest, Tweetdeck for Twitter, and many more apps. The trick is getting what works best for your business.

The internet is resourceful in helping you grow your business. Navigating through should not be hard with the tips above. Analyze your business needs and go for the platform that best describes your business. As you get additional clients, also have a strategy to make them long-term.

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