How To Use IDM For Android?

Are you one of those people who tend to indulge in heavy-duty downloading, meaning that you want to download larger files? If yes, chances are that you’d benefit from using IDM for Android devices.

Now, the concept of the IDM app might be a little confusing to get started with but we have all the details lined up for you. The primary objective of these apps is to streamline and simplify the download process when you are downloading larger files on your Android device.

This article will explore more about the significance of IDM apps for Android and how you can get started with them.

What is IDM for Android?

IDM for Android is a download manager app that allows you to download files from the internet at faster speeds. It also offers several other features, such as the ability to pause and resume downloads, download multiple files at the same time, and schedule downloads.

Some of the most popular features of this app include:

  • Faster download speeds– The app generally uses a multi-threaded download engine, which streamlines and accelerates the download process.


  • Pause and resume downloads– If you have some issues with the download, the app offers you the choice to pause and then resume the download again at your convenience.


  • Download multiple files– Another stark highlight is that the app enables you to download multiple files in a matter of seconds and minutes.


  • Schedule downloads– One unique feature of IDM apps for Android devices is that it enable users to schedule their downloads without having to worry about things along the way.


  • Ad blocking– Some of the IDM apps for Android also come with an ad-blocking feature, which comes in handy when you want to bypass ads and have a simpler user experience.

How to use IDM for Android?

IDM apps are abundant on the internet. You can find a few on the Play Store and then find some on the third-party app stores available on the internet. It all fizzles down to which app you are using.

Generally, the steps for pretty much all the apps are the same. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Search and then download and install the IDM app of your choice from the Play Store.
  • Once installed, launch the app and tap on the + button to start a new download.
  • You’d have to enter the URL of the specific file you wish to download and press Enter.
  • The app should automatically start the download process and you can make the most use of the features.

Once the file has been downloaded and everything is in place, you can open the file directly from File Manager and proceed with watching the content from there.


IDM for Android is hands down one of the most useful apps that you can consider downloading, especially if you are someone who downloads a lot of larger files from the internet. We have sorted out all the relevant information that you need regarding the app and its usage, so follow through as mentioned.


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