How to Track an Android for Free In 2023

There was a time when the means of communication and entertainment were really limited for us, but with the changing times, there is no scarcity of means of communication and entertainment. And that we owe to smartphones to a great extent.

Nowadays, your smartphone performs all these functions with complete ease. From a map to a navigator, music and video player, a smartphone is an all-in-one gadget.

So, when we lose the device, it undoubtedly becomes the greatest menace. Hence, whether you want to track your kid’s device or locate the lost Android, here are a few applications you can use for free to track Android devices.

Best GPS Location Tracking Free Apps For Android  

  1. Family Locator by Life360

A family-oriented GPS tracking application, it lets you create your own private group in which you can add your friends and family members. This app lets you check and see the real-time locations of the added members just like Apple’s Family Sharing feature’s Find My. The members of a group have complete access to each other’s locations. In case your device gets locked or crashes, it facilitates emergencies and alerts your members. The best part of this application is that it works for both Android and iOS devices.

The users can also set departure and arrival alerts for particular destinations for friends and families. With Family Locator by Life360 you can easily locate your and your closed ones’ phone and even chat in a channel that is completely private.

  • Famisafe Location Tracking

The most important benefit of this app is its unparalleled accuracy. Every location it tracks is of high accuracy. The location of the map on this app also shows you the last battery level and update of the phone as well, making the tracking process so much easier and hassle-free.

This app lets you block unwanted websites and helps you in controlling your screen time to a significant level. You can easily limit your screen time with this app. This app also offers you access to the device app usage. It also alerts you about suspicious and explicit texts and photos and is really helpful from a parenting point of view. It helps in filtering unnecessary websites making internet scrolling safer for your kids.


This app by Google has to be on this list! This is one of the top mobile tracking apps. This app can be used to track a lost phone and easily track the location of your family members and friends in a jiffy. All you need to have is the access to the Google account on that Android device. Login to the Google account being used on the device and it’ll let you know the location of the device pretty easily. It lets you track your phone via GPS with sound alerts for nearby locations. You can even lock your device remotely and erase all the content on your device with the help of this app.


As the name suggests, this is an Android device tracking app. This robust anti-theft app can aid you in easily tracking down your lost phone. Simply download, install and then set up this app on the target device. After that, you can use SMS commands to lock your device. It will also help you in getting the GPS coordinates. There is a premium version of this app as well. But as we are talking here about the free apps, this app lets you add GPS flare, lock and wipe the contents of your device.


One of the most trusted map services worldwide, Google Maps not only helps in navigation but also in sharing your location with your family and friends. The one you have selected to share your location with will see your real-time location and that too with your battery level. It helps to share the location with multiple people at once.

In case of a lost Android device, look upto these apps to track and find it without any hassle and quickly.

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