How To Play Poeltl Unlimited?

If you are a fan of Wordle, Poeltl is another puzzle game you are going to love indulging in. This is a highly interactive game, one that involves the NBA league and players too. Much like in Wordle where you have to find a new word each day, Poeltl is specifically targeted towards the NBA fans.

What you have to do in the game is guess the NBA player that comes up each day. Also, each player gets around 8 attempts to make their guesses. So, if you want to win the round, it goes without saying that you’d have to guess the player within those 8 attempts.

This article will walk you through some of the most effective ways to play Poeltl Unlimited on your device.

What is Poeltl?

We briefly highlighted what Poeltl is but let us elaborate that a little more before we walk you through the different ways to play this game.

Poeltl is like Wordle but for the NBA fans. Every day, you get 8 attempts and you have to guess who the NBA player of the day is based on the available clues and the hints provided.

If you aren’t an NBA fan, there are high chances that you won’t know which players the game is highlighting, so prioritize that.

How to Play Poeltl Unlimited?

If you want to play Poeltl Unlimited without any limit, there are different methods we’d recommend you try out.

1.    Playing in incognito mode

Poeltl, in normal instances, come with a limit wherein you can play the game once a day only. The model is basically like Wordle but for NBA.

That said, if you play the game in incognito mode, you have the benefit of getting to play it over and over again on the same day without any limitations. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

2.    Play in a different browser

Playing Poeltl doesn’t involve creating any accounts or such. The game primarily tracks your browser and if you have already played using one browser in a day, it will not enable you to play the game again on the same browser.

In that case, your safest bet is to switch to a different browser and see if that helps. Migrating to a different browser ensures that you can play the game again on the same day.

3.    Play on a different device

If you have tried the above methods and have been looking for some other options, we’d recommend you play on a different device.

For example, if you played the game on your iPhone in the morning, you can play the same game on the tablet in the afternoon.

4.    Play older games

With Poeltl, you get a chance to play the current or latest puzzle once a day. That doesn’t mean you can’t replay the previous day’s games.

So, if you want to engage in some unlimited Poeltl fun, we’d recommend that you try your hands at the older days’ games.


Getting to play Poeltl Unlimited can be a little tricky if you don’t know how to go about the process. We hope this article gives you all the tips and workaround that you can implement to simplify the process of accessing and playing the game at your convenience. At the end of the day, you should do what you feel is right.


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