How to Make Money From Your Old Tech

We live in an age where the average household owns seven internet connected devices. Our lives are led through our phones, tablets and laptops, and those who insist on having the latest models pay out handsomely to do so. Followers of the latest technology are also facing a constant, and expensive, battle to stay current.

The average American changes his or her smartphone every two to three years, while the majority of laptops and PCs last between four and five years. However, from one individual to another there can be a huge variance. It is a little like our relationships with our cars – some will keep driving the same vehicle for years and years till it breathes its last, while others trade it every two years or less.

The importance of correct disposal

Whichever camp you fall into, getting rid of your old IT equipment is something that has to be done right. Even if your laptop is completely worthless, it still contains hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly. There is also every likelihood that there is plenty of your personal data on the hard drive – even if you think you’ve deleted everything.

Simply throwing your old tech in the trash is both risky and environmentally irresponsible. It’s also completely senseless when there are specialists out there who will get rid of it safely and securely. IT disposal from Probrand, for example, ensures sensitive data is completely wiped and that the equipment is disposed of safely.

Cash for your trash?

Of course, if you are simply upgrading and your old phone or laptop is still in good working order, then there could be an even more environmentally responsible solution. Selling it on to a new owner will also mean some welcome money in your pocket. However, given our love of new tech, you might wonder whether there is really a market for your old equipment. The answer is a resounding “maybe.”

Of course, it all depends on what it is and what condition it is in. A quick Google search will tell you whether what you have is worth something to someone, and if it is, there is no shortage of used tech dealers who will be happy to buy it. Of course, they have their own overheads to meet and will want to make some money out of the deal, so manage your expectations accordingly.

The other alternative is to sell privately. Platforms like eBay are full of used tech, so study the market carefully. The following tips will help you achieve a quick and painless sale.

  • A picture tells a thousand words, so take as many as you can, from every angle.
  • Be honest in your description. If there are marks or faults, make that clear, or you will just waste everyone’s time, including your own.
  • If you have retained the original box, charger and paperwork, this will boost the resale value.

Keep in mind that a private sale involves more inconvenience and effort. It also means you need to either deal personally with the buyer or handle online payments, dispatch and so on. For these reasons, many people feel that the convenience of simply going to a used tech dealer is ultimately the most effective strategy.

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