How to Fix “Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate” Error on Android and iPhone [2021]

As the Pokemon Go is the best AR games every, I enjoy playing it a lot every morning while jogging. But, sometimes I see “Pokemon Go unable to authenticate” error while login Pokemon Go Trainer Club. Well, I know other users have been getting the same error as well. Some of them are getting the “failed to login” error message. But now, I have the perfect solution to fix unable to authenticate pokemon go issue.

Well, the Nintendo team tried to fix the error through the update. But somehow, they couldn’t able to solve pokemon go unable to authenticate error message at all. Luckily, after long research, I have come to the solutions that could help you to get rid of unable to authenticate error in Pokemon Go on Android or iPhone. Let’s get the perfect solution to Pokemon Go to authenticate error!

Unable to Authenticate Pokemon Go? Try Out These Solutions To Fix It

Solution #1: Airplane Mode Trick

Step #1: First of all, close the Pokémon Go Game completely.

Step #2: Next, go to settings and Turn On “Airplane mode” or directly from the quick settings.

Step #3: Now start Pokémon Go again and you will see a red popup saying “No Internet Connectivity”

Step #4: After that, again Turn Off “Airplane Mode”.

Step #5: Switch back to Pokémon Go and try to “Log in”

Well, this trick worked for many users while some of the player could able to solve the Authenticate error.

Solution #2: Check The Pokémon Go Server Status

Sometimes, Pokémon Go shows unable to authenticate a message when the massive number of the player would have been playing at a game at the same time and the Pokémon Go goes down for some time. So, before trying any other trick, don’t forget to check the Pokémon Go server status.

When checking the server status, if all you see is just “Unstable Server “, wait for a few minutes and try signing in to the server again every so often. In any chance when someone logs out, you can get into their slot. also, Recommend Guide On Android Tablets that is best for you.

Solution #3: Force Stop and Launch The Game Again

Some Pokémon Go users also suggest that the force closing and re-launching the game works. Well, it is one of the easiest solutions of unable to authenticate pokemon go error on iOS and Android devices. So, try to force close and launch the game again.

On Android device: Go to Settings → Apps → Pokémon Go → Force stop and the launch the game again.

On iPhone: Double-click to show the recently used app and swipe up to close the Pokémon Go game. And then again launch the game.

Solution #4: Login Through Google Account

Well, most of the users prefer to sign in through Pokemon Go Trainer Club (PTC) account. Hence, sometimes it gets full and doesn’t allow users to log in through PTC server and shows unable to authenticate error while logging Pokemon Go app. But, there is an alternative to sign in Pokemon Go. You can choose Google Account instead of PTC so that you can successfully log in and start playing the game without ant error.

Solution #5: Clear Caches and Try It Again

Clearing caches is one of the simplest solutions to fix every kind of error on apps. Sometimes a higher amount of temporary caches may harm your device could allow some function to work properly. I guess it also happened with the Pokemon Go app. So, try to clear caches in the app and then again log in. You can simply do it by heading to Settings > Apps > Pokémon Go app> Clear the cache and clear data and then open the game again.

Solution #6: May Be You Got Banned

Nintendo teams sometimes ban users in case of violating the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and the Trainer Guidelines; which includes the use of emulators, face GPS, using third-party software, and more. So, if you have done any of these things, then you may be the Nintendo has banned you for the reason. You can confirm ban by heading to the Nintendo’s ban page and submit a ban appeal. They will send you the automatic reply to make sure you got banned.

Solution #7: Make Sure Your Device is Compatible

If you are getting the unable to authenticate error while logging Pokémon GO, then maybe your device is not compatible with the Pokémon GO. You must make sure that your Android devices running 4.4+ with GPS services enabled and have a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. And on iOS devices, need iOS 8 or higher, with GPS and location services and with a strong Internet connection.

Solution #8: Delete Other Devices From Your Google Account List

Whenever we log in through Google Account on different devices, it keeps that device list under the Google Account. Henceforth, when you try to login Pokémon GO through Google Account and unable to authenticate, then we suggest you try to remove other devices from the list and again login. Here’s how to remove it:

Step #1: First of all, go to Settings → Google → Sign-in & security.

Step #2: Next, scroll down to Device Activity & Notification.

Step #3: Here, tap on Recent Used Device.

Step #4: Review devices and tap to Remove the other device.

Solution #9: Get Help From The Pokemon Team

Even after trying all above tricks, if you could make it possible to solve the “Unable to authenticate” or “Failed to log in” error message, then our last suggestion is to take help from the Nintendo team. You can visit the Nintendo Support page and submit your problem over there. For sure you will get a response within 24 hours.


Well, there were all possible solutions you can try to avoid pokemon go unable to authenticate error. Hope you tried these solutions and got rid of the login problem. Do you have any other solution? Please do share with us in the commenting section.

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