How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

Whether you are working in an office or at home, you always need a tool to edit PDFs on the go. With features like converting PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, merging PDF files, etc.

Although there are a handful of premium tools available in the market, you don’t always have to pay such hefty fees, just for the sake of doing the above things with ease. You’ll need a fast yet cost-effective online tool that can perform every task in a fraction of seconds, and that too for free.

So, if are you looking for a free-to-use online tool to let you convert PDF to Word? Then, your wait is over. We have an exciting tool waiting to be explored called “CocoDoc.” It is a multi-purpose platform you can use for all your document editing requirements. So, let us share a detailed guide about PDF to Word on CocoDoc. 

About CocoDoc


CocoDoc is an online PDF editor which offers different tools and features that are easy to use. It helps you cut down on the extra time required to do similar tasks with other tools and thus increases your efficiency.

It also has a secure gateway that takes care of your doubts about your document’s safety and privacy. CocoDoc uses a cloud-based platform to make any user reach the application and use it as per their need.

CocoDoc comes with many advanced features as it’s powered by OCR technology, which offers extraordinary security. Over 1 million people have widely accepted the app in over 190+ countries. The app also supports integration with social media apps that instantly share the file without any hassle.

Let us discuss some of its best features in detail.

Create Fillable Forms

CocoDoc’s fillable tool allows you to create a fillable form in any format in a straightforward and hassle-free manner. It becomes easy now to make some fillable space for texts, write-ups, multiple-choice questions, etc.

It also allows you to e-sign the PDF and share it with anyone you want.

Edit PDF

With its multiple functions, CocoDoc allows you to edit PDF in a hassle-free way. While editing a PDF file, we get procedures such as inserting a text box, inserting text anywhere in the file, copy and pasting texts from one file to another, etc.

With an additional feature of undo and redo, your whole editing process becomes smooth and efficient.

Unlock & Protect PDF File

CocoDoc allows you to protect your PDF file with a password and ensure extra safety to your file. With CocoDoc, you can also remove passwords from your file in just one click. This tool helps remove encryption and makes the file ready to download.

Irrespective of the location, it allows users to perform these activities in a better manner. What you have to do is, you have to open your browser and find CocoDoc and then apply the password removal procedure.

Merge & Compress PDF Files

It is sometimes frustrating to search for different documents in case of need. So, compressing additional files in a single file saves time and effort for the user and occupies less storage.

Merging and combining separate PDF documents into a single document makes it easy to refer for official work.

Split & Merge PDF Files

This is again useful if you have come across a large file. So, by using this tool, you can easily split the file into various pages, and then by merging relevant pages, you can make your work easy.

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

Now, as we have seen some of the best features of CocoDoc, let us discuss the step-by-step process of converting PDF to word using CocoDoc.


Step 1: Go to CocoDoc’s PDF to Word section.

Step 2: Select your PDF file from your computer you want to convert into words.

Step 3: Once you drop the file, click on Continue. After that, all the texts, images, scanned pages of your file will be moved from PDF to Word file.

Step 4: Within a fraction of a second, a formatted and fully converted document will be ready to download.


So in this article, we have provided enough information about CocoDoc, an online PDF editing platform. We also touched upon some of the other features, including a multitude of features offered by CocoDoc. With this, we can conclude that if you want to convert PDF to Word for free, CocoDoc is the best solution available.

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