How to Choose Parts and Accessories for a Gaming PC

One of the most unique benefits gaming PCs offer gamers over consoles is the ability to customize the system as you like. Gamers can always upgrade a gaming PC with newer parts and add peripherals that enhance the overall gaming experience.

There’s a massive marketing industry for gaming accessories of all kinds. The sheer availability of the options can be overwhelming. Therefore, gamers may have a hard time choosing the best accessories that meet individual needs.

Gamers may also be confused about how much to spend on an accessory. Does buying a hundred dollar mouse really put you in the path to becoming an elite player? There’s a lot more to buying computer parts and accessories for gaming purposes than just picking expensive brands.

If you want to seriously upgrade your rig with newer parts and peripherals, here is a guide on how to go about it:

Understand the Best Processors for Gaming PCs

There are two important parts of a gaming PC: the processor and the graphics card. The processor is actually more important than the GPU because it’s essentially the “brain” of your computer. You can remove and change the graphics card of your PC. Doing the same with the processor is difficult (mostly because newer processors don’t become readily available as new graphics cards).

Even non-gamers know that there are largely two choices available when it comes to processor brands: Intel and AMD. The latter is mostly known to offer affordable processors. AMD has recently begun to offer processors that match the well-known speed and performance of Intel. However, when it comes to the best gaming processor, Intel clearly stands out.

Professional-grade testing has shown that Intel’s Core i7 processors are the most ideal for high-end gaming. It really doesn’t get better than a new generation multi-core i7 for ensuring speed even during Ultra HD gaming. AMD’s Ryzen line has shown to be quite promising for gaming, but it can’t yet match the performance of the Core i7.

The minimal recommended processor for gaming is the Intel Core i5 or an AMD equivalent. You can technically play games using older Intel processors like the Pentium and Core i3. However, don’t expect to play anything more graphics-intensive than Minecraft with these.

You should ideally do your own research before choosing a processor. Understanding what’s what is important for choosing the best option for your computer. Choose a processor based on your gaming and work needs. To future-proof your computer, however, you should definitely go for an Intel Core i7 processor.

Choose the Right Gaming Motherboard

The motherboard is like the central nervous system to the processor “brain” inside your computer. The motherboard supports the vital hardware that makes your computer run, like RAM and the graphics card. Motherboards can vary in size and type. For gaming, you should buy a specialized motherboard designed for that purpose.

Buying a motherboard can be tricky. Firstly, it should be able to support the processor you choose. Later, when you buy parts like the cooling system and the graphics card, the motherboard should be able to support these parts as well. Because there are so many other parts that depend on compatibility, you should be discerning when choosing a motherboard.

There isn’t necessarily a performance-based “best” motherboard like there is for processors. The product that fits you should meet all your individual requirements. Think about what you will require from your gaming PC in the future. Then based on that, choose the best motherboard that checks out everything on your list.

Shop for a Graphics Card

You can start shopping for a graphics card as soon as you know which processor to use. Graphics cards are available in a wide variety. There are high-performing NVIDIA graphics cards, budget graphics cards, 4k graphics cards, and so on. Obviously, you would need to buy a graphics card that supports the game titles you want.

If you want to future-proof your computer, go for one of the top-notch graphics cards available today. However, this would be quite expensive. If you are on a budget, choose an affordable option, though you might have to sacrifice some of the performance power. Just keep in mind that most graphics cards, regardless of the price, are an improvement over in-built integrated graphics systems found in some PCs, especially laptops.

You can play certain low-end games using integrated graphics. A good graphics card would allow you to play games with nice visuals, and without a lag. Look online to see if a certain graphics card you like actually supports the gaming titles you have in mind.

Also, carefully choose the graphics card based on your needs and budget. Keep in mind that you can upgrade the graphics card in the future, so you don’t need to prioritize future proofing. However, do pay attention to the features you will be getting so you can enjoy good value for your money.

Amp Up the RAM

Despite popular belief, the processor is not the only feature that makes your games run faster. The processor and the CPU will lag if there isn’t enough random access memory to execute game files. This is why RAM is such an important aspect when it comes to gaming computers.

To future-proof your computer, install as much RAM as the processor can support. RAM is getting expensive, so it’s best to install as much as you can now. A gaming computer should have at least 8GB of RAM. For a gaming PC desktop, aim for 16GB, for the best results.

You can install a lot of RAM to your computer to speed games up. Alternatively, you could also beef up RAM via dedicated video RAM, or VRAM. VRAM comes with your graphics card. When the card is processing during games, it uses the RAM in the card, so the CPU doesn’t get overwhelmed. If you can get a graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM paired with recommended levels of regular RAM, you will be able to enjoy speedy and efficient performance.

Buy Peripherals and Accessories

Once you have the main parts ready, you can now choose the peripherals and accessories for your computer. While the other parts mentioned above would make the gaming PC run properly, it would be the accessories that make the gaming experience comfortable and worthwhile.

For peripherals, you would obviously need a great monitor, a gaming keyboard, and a mouse. You can also accessorize with a speaker set or a headset. The monitor would cost you the most, depending on what you need. Choose an Ultra HD monitor, dual-screen monitor, or any type of gaming monitor you like. Most gamers want a monitor that can display modern, faster FPS rates without lagging.

For the keyboard and the mouse, go for a gaming version of these essential PC accessories. Gaming keyboards are ergonomically designed to support various gaming functions. A good gaming mouse would come with buttons you can program to take a certain action in a game. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these parts. You should, however, do your research and choose a decent product that will help you game as you like.

Choose a great audio accessory to enhance your gaming experience. Most gamers prefer to use high-end wireless gaming headsets. You can easily chat with your friends while you game without having to put up with wire tangles. Wired speakers, however, deliver better audio quality. Then again, you may not want to use wired speakers if there are people in the house who may get disturbed by the noise.

In addition to all of these accessories, consider getting a joystick controller for yourPC. There are console-style consolers you can plug into your PC and play away. Consoles offer much better flexibility than keyboards when it comes to controlling certain elements in the game.

You can go all out and design a gaming room by buying a gaming desk and chair as well. However, you might want to prioritize the above accessories first.

Invest in a Great Cooling System

Overheating is a major issue most gamers face. When you play graphics intensive games, even the best performing computers can get overheated. Heat does not fare well on most computer parts. Therefore, it’s important that you have a great cooling system inside the CPU.

If you are unsatisfied with the current cooling system in your PC, don’t hesitate to replace it with a better model. Invest in a future-proof cooling system to ensure the longevity of your gaming rig.

Setting Up a Great Gaming Rig

Once you get all the parts you need as suggested above, you would have a great gaming rig on your hands. When buying your processor, motherboard, and graphics card, do make sure everything is compatible. Invest heavily in RAM to ensure speedy performances.

Use the above guide as a primer on how to choose gaming PC accessories and peripherals. Also, do your own research before purchasing a product. Get the best value for products so you won’t regret it later.

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