How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet

Large HDTVs are simply a joy when it comes to gaming and watching movies and your favorite TV shows. The only drawback is that big screen TV has is space issues, which can be a problem if you have limited space. You’ll need either furniture or wall mounts, and finds a way to hide all the cable and wires.

If you want to take it a gear up, you may consider getting yourself a remote-controlled readymade cabinet that hides your TV inside your piece of furniture. However, that option can really put a big hole in your finances, as they are quite costly.

You can build it on your own and we’ll show you how to build a TV cabinet from scratch. You don’t need to build the TV lift mechanism only the cabinet. You will also require a few woodwork skills and some tools with your main material being wood. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Building your plywood box

This is the first thing that you need to do. The size of your cabinet will depend on the size of your current and/or future TV (should you opt to upgrade). You’ll then need to install your lift mechanism inside to see how it works. This is important as it allows you to gauge whether you need to pad your TV closer to the center or not.

If not all is ok, you will need to build a little tray for the lift mechanism and where you will attach the manual up and down switch. First, you need to take the lift mechanism out. Once it’s done, you need to attach it inside the cabinet then reinsert the lift mechanism and test again. This is the first step of how to build a hidden TV lift cabinet.

  1. Dressing up the cabinet

In order to dress up the cabinet, you’ll be required to add face frames to the side and the back and then you’ll also be required to all molding to the inside of the face frame. For this, you’ll need wood glue and 8 ¼ nails in a nail gun. Make sure the face rims flash on the top and on the sides.

  1. Fitting Doors or drawers

Depending on your cabinet, you can have either doors or drawers. The main important thing to remember is how you are going to fit them on your cabinet using hinges. It’s not a hard job but special care must be taken so as not to damage the edges of your cabinet.

  1. Making and fitting the top

Here you will need three boards and the first thing you are going to do is to attach the centerboard to the backboard with hinges. You’ll need to TV inside the cabinet. You have to take your time when position at the top because there are certain things you need to consider.

  • You need to make sure the lid doesn’t go beyond 90 degrees or it won’t close
  • Ensure there is enough room for the TV and the mechanism to rise out of the cabinet

You also need to add stops to the bottom of the top, which will keep the lid from going into the cabinet a little bit to keep it nice and flush with the top. Now, you are ready to attach the top. That is simply how to build a TV cabinet making the top.

  1. Final touches

Painting and applying vanish are the final thing. Once done, you can test out you finished cabinet. That is how you make a TV lift cabinet.

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