How Human Resource Managers Recruit And Hire Employee

When it comes to hiring candidates, a company needs to make sure that they are hiring the best candidate out of the lot. The hiring process includes various stages that a candidate is expected to clear. It starts with the application and ends at personal interviews. The hiring process of a company is mainly handled and managed by the human resource officer in charge. He/she shoulders the responsibility of hiring the right candidate for the firm after scanning the candidate’s profile thoroughly. Different companies may have a different hiring process; however, the main formalities remain the same. In order to make the task easy human resource officers also make use of applicant tracking software in order to shortlist the right candidate for the firm. Having said that now let us take a look at the complete hiring process of a company.

Hiring Process

As already mentioned above, the hiring process is taken care of by the HR officer of the company. The steps to hire a candidate include the following.

  1. Application Review: This includes reading and the applications of each of the applicants. The HR officer is expected to go through the details of an applicant in order to determine whether he/she is fit for the job role or not. It’s the duty of the HR to check whether the applicant has the required qualifications to take over the position or not. Based on the application, candidates are shortlisted and are called for interview.
  1. Testing Candidates: This is the next step where the candidates are checked if they have the required skills or knowledge for the job or not. This is done to determine if the candidate is suitable for the job profile or not. This may include personality tests, physical tests, and skills tests.
  1. Interviews: The next step is to interview the candidates. After testing the candidates they are called in for a personal interview round. There can be multiple rounds of interviews that a candidate may have to clear. This is where an applicant is evaluated in order to determine if he/she has the required qualifications to handle the job or not. Interviews are usually conducted face-to-face and sometimes even over the phone. However, that depends on the policy of the company. Once the interview gets over it is completely on the company to decide whether they want to hire the candidate or not.
  1. Choosing A Candidate:After the interview, round candidates are being compared based on their overall performance in order to hire the best one out of the shortlisted ones. If the candidate is able to meet the set criteria by the company then he/she is hired by the company. Also, the number of vacations plays a great role in the final selection of candidates.

Well, that’s how an HR officer hires a candidate for a company. Now that you know about the entire process you should prepare yourself well if, you wish to clear all the rounds. This is something you cannot take for granted.

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