How can one house have two separate cable providers?

Not too often nor too frequently it happens that a provider over-builds in a territory. Usually, the cable TV service providers have their own territories pre-decided. However, there are some providers such as WOW! and Frontier that over-build with time. Also, here we cannot forget Charter known as Spectrum and Xfinity that have their footmark in more than 40 states and with their services at par hence they have millions of satisfied and loyal customer base over the years. Cox, Mediacomand Frontier, being the most popular ISPs in the US are also loved by all the customers because of their state-of-the-art service for years. When it comes to the fastest internet fiber internet steals the show and so does CenturyLink alongside TV and digital phone services. You should dial CenturyLink customer service number to check their serviceability in your area.

But can we have separate cable providers at one house? Let’s find out!

The smarter way would have been having one fiber for every home (for redundancy, the user could pay for two as well) that would be linked to a point of aggregation – linking thousands of houses. Then every house would be linked with the provider of their choice. It would have saved a lot of money too as a short cable would be required. Also, one could be able to choose from more than 10 providers and choose more than 4 providers. It could have ended the monopoly, hence, companies would have put more effort to attract the customers.That does not disregard the fact that cable companies are not competitive, there are countless cable service providers and due to competition, the services are constantly increasing which leads to different packages and prices in different areas.

At present, due to the rapid shift of cord-cutting and never cord trending, people are shifting to online streaming services. The primary reason behind switching is the constant yet gradual price hikes on the monthly cable bills, premium services which include some added features and on-demand channels, etc. However, some people would still stick with their old conventional ways i.e. cable TV just to keep the tradition alive. Online streaming services, on the other hand, do not charge an additional fee while you can watch whatever you want from their unlimited libraries innumerable times whenever you want to – provided you have a stable internet connection with unlimited data.

The primary reason why sports lovers still kept watching cable TV is that it still has a monopoly over streaming services. Whether watching a long-awaited live match or repeat telecast and exclusive shows on sports, cable TV providers have signed up with sports content providers such as ESPN to keep their customers entertained and loyal to their services. However, some streaming services have incorporated sports in their packages too.

Even if you figure out how to have separate cable TV providers for one house based on your research or knowledge:

  • This still depends on the fact of how many cable TV providers are serviceable in your locality.
  • Not all cable TV providers are serviceable in all the areas of the US, while some locations still don’t have cable providers.
  • Cable services require underground infrastructure and some areas are still relying on satellite connections for their entertainment and internet consumption.

However, satellite servicecould become challenging if the weather fluctuates while cable does not function through signals therefore the service remains the same as before any weather changes took place.

Final Thoughts

Mostly, metropolises don’t let utilities build more infrastructure which leads to monopoly. However, in some areas utilities do add a TV in their services too. Well, the answer to the question, whether one home can have two providers, is YES. As long as the same cables are not being used by the providers – neither inside the home nor outside. For example, DSL, either from ILEC or CLEC will mostly use the same copper wire to link the main distribution frame of the central office with the terminal pedestal. On the other hand, some areas have both types of providers; reigning and over-builders – hence, it is possible to get services from both in the form of cable-modem access to the internet. If there is any other solution or idea which we haven’t shared in our write-up, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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