How Android Earthquake Alerts System Works?

Some things are just out of human control, and Earthquakes are one of them. No matter how much preparation we can do beforehand and how many apps we launch, determining seismic activity and taking appropriate precautionary measures is still a matter of debate.

But while we cannot control this natural disaster, there’s something we can still do to at least try saving thousands of lives, which otherwise got sacrificed. Wondering what exactly we are heading to? Well, it’s none other than Earthquake Alert System.

These shake alerts primarily use the network of seismic sensors that can help you know about the current status of plates beneath the Earth and mild sensations that might turn into a massive disaster later on. Although the accuracy of these alerts is doubtful, this concept still attracts people from across the world.

If you are one of those individuals who want to dig into the working nature of Earthquake Alerts, then this post is for you. We have conducted thorough research on how Android Earthquake Alerts actually work and what’s the probability of their accuracy. So, what’s holding you back? Go through this comprehensive guide, and we bet you’ll surely find most of your answers. Shall we begin!!

Are Android Earthquake Alerts Helpful?

A ray of hope is all we need to face this destructive disaster. And here, that ray is none other than Android Earthquake alerts. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you probably feel the earth shake every now and then, even in your subconscious mind.

But what if someone says that you can get notified of the upcoming Earthquake beforehand? While it might seem a joke at first, most scientists are now using this data to understand seismic activities.

Technology has taken the world by storm, and these alerts are one of the leading examples. White these alerts can’t foresee an earthquake, of course, it can still give people a seconds-long warning before the destruction takes place.

So, if you are asking whether these alerts are beneficial or not, then the short answer is YES. These are advantageous, as early warnings can sometimes safeguard some innocent lives which otherwise got sacrificed in this natural disaster. Moreover, it prepares people to take some preventive measures and try to face the real monster with a bit more confidence.

The Working Process of Android Earthquake Alerts

Here comes the real question – how does Android Earthquake Alert Actually Work? Do they use some kind of data, or are they predicting the upcoming disaster using their historical evaluations?

So, to your surprise, Google’s Earthquake alerts closely monitor Android phones’ accelerometers, the small sensors that might predict earthquakes before it hits. These accelerometers send signals to Google’s earthquake-detection server, along with an approximate calculation of the location.

The information will then be circulated, and the user gets notified of the same if he or she has enabled these alerts on their Android smartphone. However, the doubt doesn’t end here!! Most people often ask why Google prefers believing those small accelerometers rather than installing seismometers, which can be more accurate and precise.

On this, Google clarifies that using seismometers for Android phones might not be practical as well as expensive, so the best solution is to use Android phones as mini seismometers. With time, this technology is getting evolved and notifying people of an earthquake with more seconds between the alert and real action.


That’s all about it, readers. Predicting the exact earthquake time and location is still out of the league and will probably always be. Since Earthquakes are a natural calamity, humans can’t predict them precisely. But, thankfully, with the refinement of technology, we can still manage to at least get notified of the same and take some action to save your life.

So, do you like our research? We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and found it resourceful. If you have any doubts regarding how to set these alerts and where they actually work, then connect with our experts right away and fix all your queries.

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