GuestObsessed: Checkers & Rally’s GuestObsessed Survey to Get Rewards

The success of any business is not reflected in the profile or revenue but customer reviews and satisfaction say more about it. In order to get customer reviews, many businesses provide online as well as offline feedback review system where customers can share their experience about using specific services or the products of the company. Checkers and Rally’s also has its own online portal where customers can share their positive as well as a negative experience. It is named as GuestObsessed Survey and it can be accessed at

Customer feedback really helps to enrich the customer experience. This helps the company to know what are its weak points and where it can make improvements. At Checker & Rally’s, we get exclusive services and get to enjoy delicious food but still, we feel something should be changed in food or at the restaurant. That is why it is important to give proper and honest reviews to the company which will eventually help the company to rectify such mistakes. So, if you are a regular visitor at Checkers & Rally’s then all of your opinions will be welcomed at

About Checkers & Rally’s & GuestObsessed

You might have got the idea about what is GuestObsessed but it is important to know more about Checkers and Rally’s as it is the provider of this platform. Checkers & Rally’s is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the US and it is in the business for more than four decades. Its hamburger, hotdogs, French fries, and beverages are popular among the customers of more than 25 USA states and DC. The head office is located in Florida. Now it is obvious that the number of customers in a day must be very high and each individual could have different opinions. So, customers can give their reviews about the experience through the GuestObsessed survey program and win the rewards and free perks for their next visit.

Checkers & Rally’s GuestObsessed Survey: Requirements and Everything to Know About It

Age – The age of the GuestObsessed survey taker must be at least 18 or more than that.

Nationality – Since Checkers & Rally’s offers its food services in the US only, the customer who wants to participate in the survey must be an American.

Number of Entries – There is no certain number of entries are mentioned to be engaged in the GuestObsessed survey. The user must have the receipt of his/her last visit to the restaurant. Sometimes taking too much survey with the same identity card may decline you only if you have already taken many surveys in a month.

Receipt – The invoice and the receipt of the last visit is mandatory as it has all the necessary information that is required in the GuestObsessed survey. The date and the time of the visit, store code, and other information are required as well. But keep in mind that the receipt is non-transferrable.

Customer Details – Personal details of the customers are required while taking Checkers & Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey. Home and email address, phone number, age, and other ID proof may be required. Some other information may also require.

Gadgets and the Internet – These are the basic and most important requirements. In order to take the GuestObsessed survey at, you must have a smartphone or PC with an active internet connection with web browser support.

Prize/Rewards – It is important to know that taking the GuestObsessed survey may not earn you cash prizes but it is not free totally. Some users may think of it as a time-wasting activity, but at the end of the survey, you get a validation code or coupon that can be used to get a discount or a free meal when you visit the restaurant next time. A free sandwich for a 5-minute survey is really a good reward, right?

Employees and Relatives of Restaurant – The employees of Checkers and Rally’s and relatives of them are not entitled to participate in this survey. If any of the relatives of Checkers and Rally’s or its employees try to access the GuestObsessed survey then it will be rejected.

How to Participate in Checkers & Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey Program

The only way to participate in the GuestObsessed survey is through its official website. You just check that you fulfill all the requirements given above.

  1. Visit the link guestobsessed.comon your PC or the smartphone.
  2. The survey can be taken in Spanish and English, so you have to select the preferred languages.
  3. Now it will show the survey confirmation page.
  4. A user has to provide his/her details, the information mentioned on the receipt, and other required information.
  5. Now on the next page, you will be shown several questions about your experience at the store. You have to give the answers honestly. You can rate the food and service as well.
  6. After completing the survey, you have to provide your phone number or email where you will receive code.

Submitting all this information on the screen, a validation code of Checker & Rally’s survey would appear. You can save it and show it at the counter on your next visit to avail free discount or a meal.

Bottom Line

Now you know how easy it is to opt for this survey and you can easily win some rewards. The process is really simple and always try to be honest while answering the question of the survey. If you face any trouble or error them you can throw them in the comment box and we will be happy to help you.

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