Top 15+ Best Alternative Games like Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a fantastic arrangement about feature diversions with solid Action-Adventure, point & Click, and Single-player components. There are best games like Nancy Drew that provide the same gaming experience but in Nancy Drew the arrangement comprises about handfuls of diversions accessible with assuming for available platforms such as Windows, iOS, Nintendo, Mac, Android, and Linux. If you had already a player the Nancy Drew game, then you should try some other alternative game like Nancy Drew.

In Nancy Drew, you must complete the levels to win the sufficient focuses will open different levels and substantiate yourself as the best analyst. Discover the killer toward fathoming complex mysteries and drench yourself over the side of the point Furthermore click gameplay experience. There are more alternative games like Nancy Drew that gives you the heavenly mechanics, addictive gameplay, Furthermore staggering visuals; Nancy will be the eminent diversion on assuming and revel in.

Why is Nancy Drew famous?

Nancy Drew game incorporates Different testing levels and gives you complete them at Toward fathoming puzzles, cooperation with NPCs, accumulate extraordinary things Furthermore take care of mysteries Also law violations. In the game, you might Accept those part of those criminologist, and the game sets out you looking into an epic enterprise from claiming Nancy.

List of Alternative Games like Nancy Drew

games like Nancy Drew

1#. Murdered: Soul Suspect:

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an Action-Adventure, stealth and Single-player, Puzzle, feature diversion made by sealed shut diversions What’s more distributed toward square Enix. The game the table 3rd man sees similarly as that player could explore the hero who may be a criminologist named concerning illustration Ronan O’Connor crosswise over the fictionalized form of the town for Salem.

2#. Life is Strange: Episode 1:

Life is Strange: Episode 1

Life is Strange: Episode 1 may be an Action-Adventure, First-person, investigation and Single-player feature game made and distributed by none domesticated intuitive. Those stories of the diversion take after that story about max Caulfield, A camera person who uncovers. She might rewind those chance same time sparing her best friend, Chloe cost.

3#. The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will be an intelligent media Drama, Role-playing, wordy What’s more Single-player feature diversion made Furthermore distributed by obvious diversions. The diversion may be propelled by those comic hosting same sake the strolling dead. The game takes to put in the narrative zombie-apocalyptic globe known as Georgia.

4#. I am Alive:

I am Alive

I am Alive is a Third-person survival, Action-Adventure, and Single-player feature game made by Darkworks Furthermore distributed by Ubisoft. The game takes a spot in the post-apocalyptic setting also concentrates on the confronting that changeless unreliability from claiming dystopian, humanity darkest, rotting, and risky inclinations towards realism.

5#. Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy:

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Her intuitive present an additional brand new title of the Nancy drew side of the point Furthermore Click, enterprise feature diversion arrangement named Likewise Nancy Drew: the quiet spy. It will be accessible will assume looking into Microsoft Windows what’s more Macintosh os X platforms best. In this diversion the player might tackle those first-person perspectives of the fictional sleuth Nancy drew furthermore attempt with unravel the puzzle through a session of the suspect, finding clues.

6#. Façade


Façade is an intuitive Drama, What’s more, Single-player reenactment produced by Michael Mateas. The diversion takes a spot in the narrative globe also offers an energizing story. It casts the player in the part of that hero who will be a companion about Grace What’s more excursion Furthermore several as of late welcomed the hero should their narrative condo to cocktails Previously, New York.

7#. L.A. Noire:

A Noire may be an incredible Action-Adventure, enthralling dramatization and Third-person shooter feature diversion by cooperation Bond. Displaying the character Cole Phelps the game is characterized in the city about Los Angeles. Cole Phelps only as of late began Likewise and the only examiner following serving to A long time as a police officer with those L.A Police Department (LAPD).

8#. Dreamfall Chapters the Longest Journey:

Dreamfall Chapters the Longest Journey

Dreamfall Chapters the Longest Journey is a side of the point Also Click,  Action-Adventure, Puzzle, single-player and Third-person investigation feature diversion formed Toward red string diversions What’s more distributed Eventually Tom’s perusing profound silver.

9#. Amnesia: The Dark Descent:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an addictive, Horror-Survival, Exploration, prison Crawling. Also, Single-player feature diversion created What’s more distributed Toward frictional games. The diversion takes a spot in the narrative globe Furthermore permits that player on getting under the part of a hero named Likewise Daniel.

10#. Yesterday:


Yesterday is a perspective and clicks adventure game with single-player feature created by Pendulo Studios. The game revolves around the hero named John Yesterday, An criminologist who may choose Eventually Tom’s perusing Henry White to cross-examine the homicide of the honest Also miserable people in the narrative city NY.

11#. Detective Grimoire:

Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire is a Point & Click, Puzzle; Adventure-based Furthermore Single-player feature diversion created Also distributed by SFB diversions. In this game, the player might tackle those part of a criminologist who begins as much voyage with examining a murder.

12#. The Wolf Among Us:

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an intuitive Drama, T.P (Third-person), and Exploration, wordy and Single-player feature diversion formed and distributed toward open games. It may be a realistic enterprise diversion clinched alongside which that player could undertake the part of a hero named Similarly as Big by Wolf who begins as much experience on research the homicide of a lady.

13#. Life is Strange:

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a peculiar may be an experience feature game for intelligent dramatization component. The game will be accessible to assume for Cross-platform also takes a spot in the fictional planet. The story revolves around the hero named Likewise Maxine Caulfield, who is An person of photography and finds that she might rewind occasion when at whatever minute. It offers the blending for perspective and clicks, puzzle, exploration, and experience components.

14#. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD:

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will be an Action, Adventure, Exploration, shooter Furthermore Single-player feature diversion distributed toward electronic Expressions. In this competition, those players could control a stranger who might catch needed outlaws dead or alive.

15#. Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge:

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s edge may be the 23rd significant title of the most prevalent and practically offering Adventure-based, side of the point and Click, perplex and Single-player feature game from claiming Nancy drew by Her intelligent. The game may be accessible on assuming best both Microsoft Windows Furthermore Macintosh platforms.

Let us know which alternative game like Nancy Drew is the real alternative game and you like the most.

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