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We live in a world of technologies. Everything is changing around us every minute. Every day is a new year for someone. All our life we study, as that is our biological possession to know the world around us and to find our place in it. Today classes are not the same as they used to be in Ancient Greece. There is also something that has come to us from those times. Something familiar we can see anywhere in the world in any school or university, something like hard work and good rest. Children are resting, and grown-ups are dreaming about their future life and gambling. So today you can win real money slots from gambling to pay for education.

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Recently Covid-19 has accelerated what was planned for a long time. Back in January 2020, no one could have ever imagined that the world was enveloped by a pandemic and our normal life would be changed once and for all. The most important thing that everyone understood: no matter what happens in the world, learning should not be stopped. Schools had to adapt quickly and master new technologies. Studying from home isn’t a new way but still requires development. Teachers, parents, and children seemed to be temporarily in the test mode of the future.

                       Education Will Be Remote

In 2020 schools in different parts of the world started working remotely. According to the theoretical part, everyone understood how it should be done and what to expect but in practice turned out to be not ready for this.

Today’s experience shows that the online learning format is becoming an integral part of the classical school, while completely distance education is impossible. Live contact is still essential. Most likely, in the future, the ratio of offline and online will simply change: it will be more efficient to transfer some things online, for example, automating homework checks. In general, any analytics is better collected online.

Schools Got Connected

Children and teenagers are already in many ways ready for online education. They are familiar with gadgets from birth. They know how to type before they learn to write and they instantly adapt intuitively to any electronic device. The use of familiar or even favorite devices allows students to become even more involved in the learning process. Today, more and more students and teachers use video conferencing systems, electronic educational platforms, books, textbooks, manuals, as well as various other applications that help in their studies.

Classes at school are built on the constant interaction of the teacher with the students. That allows you to maintain the students’ motivation and keep them interested all the time. Learning has become more attractive. Students can see the ancient temples and not only read about them, or dive with different types of sharks without being wet. So with a distance format, the big task of all online educational products is to create effective mechanisms drawing into the learning processes and making sure that the student’s interest won’t disappear.

The game mechanics or so-called “gamification” has already been implemented in different areas. The education sphere is not an exclusion. Currently, such mechanisms are actively finding their realization even in the largest universities of the world. There have long been elements of the game in education such as good or bad grades for completing tasks. And at the end of the next academic year, everyone has a “Level Up” – a move to the next level of complexity.

In the gamified learning process, children can visually see their progress and acquired skills. The theoretical knowledge that students receive in the classroom, how and where can be used. This helps children look at knowledge and learning in general from a completely different side of view and understanding.

The main advantage of gamified online learning is the motivation to study. The student can see and independently evaluate his progress and the achievements of his goals. This helps to cultivate such qualities as independence, responsibility, and the ability to make decisions.

                       Source to the World

Nowadays the huge amount of different information can help us to solve the most important problems. Artificial intelligence can analyze how much time a child spends in class, how much he spends on homework, where he most often makes mistakes and measures real knowledge. Based on this, the student can select personal tasks to improve performance and increase knowledge. This means that online learning is already an individual approach to education, to the abilities of each child. Many different projects are aimed at helping not only students but also teachers in a way of redistributing time from routine to creative tasks and an individual approach. For example, the British project Century is built in a way of informing the teacher about the success of each student and providing recommendations on how to build further work.

In conclusion, I would say that we are living in an interesting world, a world of innovation and new developments. Who knows, maybe tomorrow there will appear a young scientist who might change the world in a better way.

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