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Fantasy Hike is a one-of-a-kind walking and hiking app tailored for fantasy lovers. Available for free download on Android devices, it transforms your daily steps into an epic fantasy quest filled with adventures, challenges, and memorable characters.

Key Features

Here are some of the standout features that make Fantasy Hike a must-have app for fantasy fans:

  • Immersive Fantasy World:Your steps in the real world translate into an journey through a vibrant fantasy realm filled with magical creatures and locations. Every step contributes to the adventure.
  • Diverse Characters:Choose from various fantasy avatars, including elves, dwarves, halflings, and more. Each character has unique traits and abilities.
  • Quests and Achievements:Complete quests, defeat enemies, overcome obstacles and collect rewards to unlock achievements. New adventures await as you progress.
  • Competition:Engage in friendly competition with fantasy characters controlled by the app. See if you can keep up with their pace.
  • Maps and Visuals:A beautifully-illustrated fantasy map tracks your journey. Scroll through narrative visuals chronicling your adventures.
  • Stats and Notifications:Charts and notifications provide daily statistics, keeping you updated on progress.

Bringing Fantasy to Fitness

Fantasy Hike smartly combines fitness and fantasy, appealing to gaming and adventure enthusiasts alike. It adds a layer of imagination to exercise, making it more entertaining.

The journey starts modestly from your character’s home. As you walk or hike more in the real world, your avatar traverses new lands in the fantasy realm, facing challenges and surprises.

With every step, the adventure progresses, anchored by the app’s rich visuals and narratives. From tranquil countrysides to imposing fiery mountains, new vistas open up as you explore further.

The competitive element also boosts motivation. Try to keep up with the computer-controlled fantasy characters as they blaze through quests.

Why Choose Fantasy Hike?

Fantasy Hike is the perfect walking companion for fantasy geeks. It turns your neighborhood strolls or park hikes into something magical and wondrous.

The app’s fusion of imagination and activity makes fitness more appealing. The vibrant world filled with mysteries to uncover adds a sense of purpose to your real-world steps.

So download Fantasy Hike to add some magic to your exercise routine! Embark on an epic fantasy quest that unfolds with every stride you take.

How Does Fantasy Hike Work?

Fantasy Hike is deceptively simple on the surface. Here is a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Download and install the app on your Android device.
  • Create your fantasy avatar from available characters like elves, dwarves etc.
  • Customize your avatar’s attributes like strength, magic etc.
  • The app tracks your real-world walking activity via phone sensors.
  • Your avatar mirrors your activity, traveling through a fantasy world and going on quests.
  • Active gameplay elements like battles and mini games test your fitness progress.
  • Landmarks and regions unlock when you achieve certain step goals.
  • Defeat fantasy characters controlled by the app to win rewards.
  • Ongoing narrative and visuals chronicle your fantasy exploits.

As you walk, jog and hike in the real world, your fantasy avatar matches your exertion. Their adventures, conquests and discoveries in the fantasy realm correspond to your fitness journey.

It’s a clever mix that uses imagination elements to incentivize real activity. As you strive to unlock new tales and triumphs for your fantasy persona, you end up walking more.

Key Locations and Characters

As soon as you set off from your snug halfling hole, a wonderous fantasy world filled with hidden secrets awaits discovery. Here are some key places and personalities you’ll come across:


The Shire: Home of the peaceful, fun-loving halflings. Lush green meadows and hills surround their burrows.

Buckland: A frontier halfling settlement near the mysterious Old Forest, home to some eccentric residents.

Bree: A rambling village on the Great East Road, populated by men and hobbits, it’s a great pit stop for weary travelers.

Rivendell: An enchanting elven refuge nestled in a secluded valley. Time seems to flow differently in the Last Homely House east of the sea.

Mirkwood: A shadowy, overgrown forest kingdom of wood-elves and strange beasts, Mirkwood guards many long-forgotten secrets.

Erebor: The magnificent Dwarven mountain kingdom beneath the Lonely Mountain, said to be filled with wondrous treasures.


Gandalf: The wise, wandering wizard who always lends a helping hand to adventurers in need. Meeting him brings surprises!

Beorn: A shape shifting man who dwells near Mirkwood, he has a soft spot for nature and animals. His lands offer respite to bone-weary travelers.

Gollum: Once known as Smeagol, this poor creature mutated after possessing the One Ring too long. Pity him, but beware! He loves riddles.

Smaug: The formidable firedrake who conquered Erebor and plunders its wealth. Attempting to sneak by his watchful eyes may awaken his wrath!

Thranduil: The cunning Elvenking of Mirkwood. His halls brim with strange forest magic and he knows much that is hidden.

Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Fantasy Hike packs a lot of content. Here are some tips to help make the most of the experience:

Pick your avatar wisely: Choose a character that suits your real-world fitness level. Hardier avatars like dwarves and elves traverse faster at first.

Activate notifications: Enable notifications in the Settings to receive updates on unlocked areas, achieved feats and more. It adds to the adventure feel.

Read the travel logs: Don’t ignore the written travel logs. They provide deeper lore and interesting tales about locations you unlock.

Save battery: Switch off background tracking if you want to conserve phone battery when not actively using the app. Just don’t forget to turn it back on!

Link to fitness apps: Connect to Google Fit or Apple Health to accurately track steps. The app also works fine standalone though.

Appreciate the views: Take a moment to admire the lovely landscape paintings that pop up when you enter new regions. The visuals are gorgeous!

Share your adventures: Connect your social media accounts to share screenshots of achievements and milestones with friends.

So download Fantasy Hike today and step into an active, rewarding fantasy life that unfolds at your own pace! Immerse yourself in this wonderful walking experience tailored for fantasy fans on Android. Your real-world fitness journey transforms into an epic adventure with every stride you take.


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