Everything you need to know about urus token

Aurox token is one of the most popular and advanced cryptocurrency terminals. It solves various lending problems in Defi lending and DEX. It allows users to lend to other Defi protocols easily and earn interest from the lending. The coin specializes in utilizing the decentralization process to help users gain 4 times the margins on lending. In addition, the platform offers high speed and low cost due to its ability to eliminate intelligent contracts.

How is URUS token different from other lending platforms?

Since decentralized finance is booming in recent times, which has given rise to platforms like Aave and Compound and decentralized exchanges like 1inch and Uniswap, even though they are prevalent, they have certain limitations. Platforms like Compound have to allow borrowers to withdraw money from the accounts, which requires more collateral than the asset. It is a problem for many users. On the other hand, Uniswap is entirely reliant on smart contracts, making the entire process very slow and expensive.

How to buy a URUS token?

The token of Aurox is termed as URUS on trading platforms. The token is available for viewing on various exchanges, but one cannot directly purchase the coin. It has to be exchanged with another cryptocurrency which can be purchased with fiat—for example, BTC or ETH, etc. One can also use crypto exchange aggregator platforms like alligat0r.com to ensure the best price and the highest security.

How does the URUS token work?

The URUS platform features more than 60 exchanges and ten thousand pairs of coins available for lending. In addition, the terminal used for lending is entirely customizable to suit the need of the users. It even has exceptional indicators and tools that make management easy. The platform also uses innovative technology to predict future prices, allowing users to predict trades. Since the URUS token is an ERC 20 token, all its smart contracts are executed on the Ethereum network, making it extra secure. The platform also combines the liquidity of all exchanges to provide its users with the most negligible slippage and fees.

Is the Aurox Terminal any good?

The Aurox Terminal is a customizable terminal that investors can trade on the platform. The best features of the terminal and why it can be used effectively are as follows.

  • The platform has a feature called Aurox Lines, where there are automatically S/R lines placed, which will help traders gauge the best ranges that can be used to invest.
  • The Aurox indicator is known to predict the prices of various coins with 80% accuracy.
  • There is a fear and greed indicator, which will help understand market sentiments and decide entry or exit points from the market.
  • The platform can also recognize large dumps and buying, which you can use to rake in profits or exit before making a loss.


So, this is understandable the platform is made to suit all kinds of traders’ needs. It is customer-centric and provides all services required to conduct successful trades. The current urus token price is around $86, which can be kept closely for an excellent entry point.

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