Effective Ways To Send A Free Online International Fax

Today, sending a fax is much easier and faster than in the past. There are multiple ways to send free faxes online with the help of online fax services. The most effective online fax services let you send international faxes.

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Often, when dealing with financial documents and binding contracts, you will be required to fax. Digital technology has revolutionized how you fax. Online fax services provide an easy way to send a fax electronically.

The services let you send international faxes using your email, web browser and mobile app. Here are effective ways to send a free online international fax.

  1. CocoFax – The best online fax service for international faxing

As the leader in the online fax service, CocoFax is trusted by millions of user. With CocoFax, you get to send free online international faxes for 30 days after sign up. Google Fax Free acknowledges CocoFax is a reliable fax service.

coco fax

Major media outlets like Forbes recogniseCocoFax online fax services. Besides its ability to send international fax online, it also supports sending local faxes. 

1.1 What CocoFax delivers

With CocoFax, you enjoy several online fax capabilities.

Multiplatform support

CocoFax is a versatile online fax service that lets you send international faxes from different platforms. You can send a fax from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Also, you have the liberty to send free online international faxes via your email, web app and mobile app. So, you can fax from anywhere with CocoFax.

Fast and safe

CocoFox lets you send online international faxes instantly. With this fax service, you will no longer have to look for a traditional fax machine. To guarantee the safety of your fax, CocoFax encrypts all your communications.

Reliable service

With CocoFax, you receive delivery notifications for both sent and received faxes. Whenever you receive a fax, you will get a notification in your CocoFax dashboard and email address.

Also, Cocofax sends notifications to either confirm the delivery of fax or unsuccessful delivery of the fax. This eliminates the doubts that may creep up if you don’t get such notifications.

Free fax number

CocoFax lets you choose your customer fax number free of charge. After registering for the service you also get 30 days of service free.

  1. Effective ways of sending a free online international fax using Cocofax

Multiple businesses across the world use CocoFax for business communications. As noted, CocoFax lets you send international faxes in different ways. Before you can send international fax online, you need:

  • Online fax service (CocoFax) – To bridge the gap between the internet and a traditional fax machine
  • Fax number – Necessary for sending or receiving local and internal faxes
  • Exit Code – For the country where the fax originates from
  • International country code – To identify the country you are sending the fax to
  • Fax address of the recipient – Basically, the fax number of the recipient

Below are the different ways you can send free online international faxes using CocoFax.

2.1 Send international fax using a web browser

This lets you send a fax on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Visit CocoFax official website and register for an account. You will have 30 days of free service and even choose your fax number. After setting your account, go to your dashboard.

coco fax

Step 2: In your dashboard, click ‘New Fax’ and a pop-up window will open. Provide fax details in the respective fields. In the ‘To’ field enter the destination address as follows [Exit code] [Country code] [Fax number].

coco fax

The destination address should look like this 011 86 123456.

Next, add the ‘Subject’ field, it will appear as a note. To create the cover page, fill in the body section of the fax document. Also, CocoFax lets you add attachments such as pdf, doc, png, jpg and xls to your fax.

Step 3: If you are ready to send your fax, click the Send button. CocoFax will instantly send your international fax. 

You will get a delivery notification shortly afterwards.

2.2 Send international fax through email

Step 1: Sign up for a CocoFax account using the email address you want to use for faxing. This too gives you 30 days of free service.

Step 2: Now, open your email client and create a new email. In the ‘To’ field, provide the fax address as shown in the above section. Include @cocofax.com at the end of the fax address.

The destination address should follow this format:

[Exit code] [Country code] [Destination fax number] [@cocofax.com]. So, it should look like this 01186123456@cocofax.com

Fill in the ‘Subject’ field if necessary and draft the cover page of the fax in the email body. Also, attach documents if you have them. However, ensure the names of the attachments do not have special characters.

Step 3: When you are done click the ‘Send’ button to send your international fax. CocoFax will automatically translate the email into a fax and send it as if sent from your fax number.

After a short while, you will receive a delivery notification.


Now, it is possible to send a free online international fax using an online fax service. CocoFax is a reliable online fax service. Give it a try today and enjoy 30 days of service free of charge.

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