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Communication is most important thing in our daily basis. From the ancient times, people have always been searching for easier ways to communicate with one another. As the generations has been changed social media networks are introduced, communication is becoming more easy and convenient.

Mobile Phones are generally used for many purposes like voice communication, sending e mails, sending text messages, browsing internet, taking pictures. Smart phone today have better computing abilities and have many advance functions like – real time video chatting, interactive voice response, document manager, social media, high resolution camera, music player, location finder etc.

As we all are having a mobile phone or can say a Smartphone with us. It helps us to communicate with our relatives or friends who are not near to us physically. Mobile phone is the invention for which everyone is thankful. Though the main uses of the mobile phone are to make calls or to send messages, it can also be used in multipurpose tasks. Mobile phone is having lots additional features like we can make calls or messages, the mobile phone can also be used as a calculator, camera, voice recording device, audio and video player etc.

Whatsaap plus is similar to Whatsaap but with more options. Generally, we don’t want to show our online status then if you want to hide your online status, send images without compression.But if you are concern with your privacy, then it’s better to stick with original Whatsaap. So, are you planning to install Whatsaap plus or would wait for original Whatsaap to introduce

Whatsaap plus Latest Version APK File Information

App Name Whatsaap Plus
File Type APK
Size 27.5 MB
Version 6.70
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0 and above
Last Updated on 21 Jan 19
Main Task Whatsaap features + Some hidden features

Whatsaap Plus would give you the ability to change how Whatsaap looks like. You can change your Themes and effects in your choice. The themes which we download iswith more than 700 themes to choose from, you can say that Whatsaap has nothing to do with because it looks and feels different at first glance. The stickers we download in Whatsaap Plus is free of cost it means there is no additional charge is required to have more and new stickers.


Whatsaap plus is mod version or unofficial version of Official Whatsaap so it is not available at Play store. You have to download it from Google, it is easily can be downloaded from there. While installing the make sure that your device is allowed to install from unknown sources and if it not having allowed then go to settings and make that change. Download it install it and have the feeling of uniqueness and experience the amazing features of Whatsaap plus. Enjoy the themes and new stickers available in it.

This is how we can download and Install Whatsaap Plus for android.


Here we had shared you about what is Whatsaap Plus and how to download it. Whatsaap Plus is one of the best mod version of Official Whatsaap. You can enjoy the features were added in the Whatsaap Plus. So download the app and if you get trouble tell us via comments.

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