How to Download/Save Tik Tok Videos To Gallery On iPhone and Android [2021]

Since the craze of online video making has increased, many users have been looking for some Tik Tok video download app on Android and iPhone to download TikTok (Musically) video to gallery so that they can get the video making ideas and use the video tune to make another best Tik Tock video. So, we have come to help you on how to save tik tok video.

Well, the name of the video making the app “Musically” replaced with “Tik Tok”, but the craze of the video making not replace as more than 580 million new videos posted by Tik Tok users every day from around 98 million tic tok users from around the world. Hence, there has been more competition among people. So, people want to download tik tok videos online to gallery so that the save tik tok video can be used further to create your best. Well, there are many different ways to get tik tok videos download online free to your gallery without posting.

Guide to Save/Download TikTok Videos In Gallery on iOS and Android

Note: It would be good for you to take permission of the real maker of the video so that it won’t make any issue in future.

Method #1: Downloading Your TikTok Videos to Your Mobile [Android & iPhone]

If you have installed Tik Tok app on your Android or iPhone and want to save tiktok videos to gallery, then you should follow below steps to download videos from Tik Tok.

Note: Make sure that you have updated the latest version of the app.

Step #1: Open the app Tik Tok – including

Step #2: Next, go to the video you want to save in your gallery.

Step #3: Click on the share option from the right-hand side corner.

Step #4: If the person’s account is open for downloading then you will see “Save Video” option.

Step #5: Click on that option and wait till the video loads. And just like that your video will get saved in your gallery.

Method #2: How to download Tik Tok video online free on PC

If you want to save tik tok video on your computer, then you can use the online tik tok downloader site to download tik tok videos to PC. Check the below steps to get it done.

Step #1: Visit on your PC.

Step #2: Copy and paste the Tiktok url on the box. Eg

Step #3: Now hit the Go button get the tik tok download.

Method #3: Best Tik Tok Video Download App for Android

Well, if you are using Android device and want to save tik tok videos in gallery on Android then you can also use tik tok video downloader app on Android. There is “Video Downloader For tik tok” app available on Google Play Store for free.

Method #4: Download/Save TikTok Videos via Email

There is also one way to get Tik Tok videos using Email. You will just needs to tap the share button and select send via email. And then, enter your email ID and you can get the link in your mail to download the tik tok video.

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Wrapping up

Hope you enjoy the article and downloaded your favourite videos from Tik Tok to your mobile or PC. Let’s know if you need any other help regarding the topic. If you like the article, please do share with your other Tik Tok users.

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