Dolls Kill Alternatives: Ethical and Affordable Options for Edgy Fashion

Dolls Kill has long been a go-to destination for alternative and edgy fashion, known for its punk, goth, kawaii, rave, and festival-inspired styles. However, the brand has faced backlash in recent years over issues like cultural appropriation, art theft, and controversial statements from its founder during the Black Lives Matter protests.

As a result, many fashion lovers are now looking for ethical and affordable alternatives to Dolls Kill where they can find unique statement pieces without supporting unethical business practices.

Why People Are Boycotting Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill rose to popularity among alternative fashionistas thanks to its bold, eye-catching designs and nods to music and culture. However, the brand has faced growing criticism on several fronts:

  • Cultural appropriation:Dolls Kill has been accused of appropriating designs and styles from various cultures without properly crediting them. For example, their frequent use of Native American patterns and designs without permission.
  • Art theft:Independent designers have accused Dolls Kill of stealing their original designs and selling knock-offs without credit. This is unfortunately a common issue in fast fashion.
  • Controversial marketing:Dolls Kill’s provocative campaigns and product names have been called out for racism, sexism, and more. Like their “Call Me Daddy” phone case.
  • Founder’s comments:During the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, Dolls Kill founder Shoddy Lynn praised increased police presence, sparking outrage and the #BoycottDollsKill movement on social media.

With increased awareness of these issues, many shoppers now want ethical and inclusive alternatives to Dolls Kill that align with their values.

What to Look for in a Dolls Kill Alternative

When searching for an ethical and affordable alternative to Dolls Kill, there are a few key things to look for:

  • Affordable pricing:Dolls Kill is known for its low prices, so alternatives should follow suit with budget-friendly options.
  • Range of edgy styles:The alternative should offer a variety of punk, goth, festival, rave, and streetwear-inspired looks.
  • Inclusive sizing:Dolls Kill offers extended sizing, so alternatives should as well. Diverse size ranges promote body positivity.
  • Transparent ethics:The brand should be transparent about ethical manufacturing and have initiatives that give back. This shows an authentic commitment to do better.
  • Original designs:The alternative should sell original pieces not stolen from independent designers. This supports creative talent fairly.
  • Positive reviews:Check reviews and social media to ensure the alternative has happy customers and isn’t facing controversies of its own.

Using these criteria, we can find the best substitutes for Dolls Kill that enable us to express our edgy style ethically.

Top Ethical Alternatives to Dolls Kill

Here are some of the most popular and ethical alternatives to Dolls Kill to explore:

1. Noctex

Noctex is a UK-based sustainable brand creating dark, edgy styles inspired by music like punk, goth, and metal. They use eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods. Noctex is a great option for punk-goth fashion.

2. Frankie Bikinis

Frankie Bikinis has an edgy selection of bikinis, ready-to-wear pieces, and accessories. The brand uses regenerated fabrics and low-impact dyes and gives back to charities like NAACP. Frankie Bikinis is a strong choice for festival and rave wear.

3. Thief and Bandit

Founded on the mission to create stylish, sustainable clothing for all bodies, Thief and Bandit is a top contender. They offer an inclusive size range up to 5XL and use eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing. Their feminine styles with bold details and cuts make them a great Dolls Kill substitute.

4. Loudbodies

Loudbodies has the most extensive size range of any ethical brand, from XXS to 10XL. They also focus on sustainability through made-to-order production, recycled materials, and carbon neutral shipping. Their edgy streetwear and club looks have major Dolls Kill vibes.

6. Killstar

Killstar has a strong goth aesthetic with clothing and accessories. They use eco-friendly materials and packaging and support charities like Rainforest Trust. A solid alternative for gothic fashion.

7. Cyberdog

Cyberdog is a UK rave and cybergoth brand known for radical self-expression. They have a long history of inclusive values and diverse models. A standout for rave and festival wear.

8. Black-Owned Brands

Supporting black-owned businesses is another way to find ethical alternatives to Dolls Kill. One of the best options is We Are Unapologetic.

Affordable Alternatives to Dolls Kill

For those on a tight budget, here are some more affordable and accessible alternatives to explore:

  • ASOS:This online fashion retailer offers an entire section dedicated to festival clothing with edgy styles starting under $10.
  • Forever 21:Forever 21 has an alternative section with graphic tees, bomber jackets, fishnets, and more for under $25.
  • Amazon:Search Amazon for punk, goth, and rave clothing to find wallet-friendly options under $30. Brands like Tripp NYC, Lip Service, and more are available.
  • AliExpress:This marketplace is filled with very affordable edgy finds, just be sure to check reviews and quality.
  • Romwe:Romwe has an entire edgy fashion section with tops, bottoms, and dresses all under $20.

Support Sustainable Fashion

The most ethical option is to buy from sustainable and ethical fashion brands whenever possible. Though pricier, they offer quality, original designs, and manufacturing transparency. Some options are:

  • Reformation– Trendy sustainable brand with a net zero supply chain.
  • Christy Dawn– Bohemian sustainable fashion produced locally in LA.
  • Reve En Vert– Eco-friendly French brand with edgy, avant-garde looks.
  • Patagonia– Ethical outdoor brand with some edgy dress options.

Buying secondhand is another great sustainable option. Try apps like Depop, Poshmark, Thredup, and local vintage shops to score unique finds.

Express Yourself Ethically

While Dolls Kill offers eye-catching alternative fashions, they’ve lost customer trust due to unethical practices. Luckily many stellar alternatives exist where you can find punk, goth, rave, and festival-inspired looks aligned with your values.

By exploring all-inclusive size ranges, transparent production, original designs, and positive company values, you can stay true to your edgy style ethically. Seek out affordable options and sustainable brands when possible as well.

It’s easy to look good while doing good. Which of these Dolls Kill alternatives are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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