Do Black Friday Deals Really Save You Money?

Although there is still some time left until Black Friday, people are slowly preparing for the best shopping day of the year. Are they right to do so? Does bargain hunting on Black Friday really pay off?

Everyone loves discounts, but so do retailers. After all, it is a great day to make profits, as many people look forward to this specific occasion to spend their money. Traders would like everyone to believe that their offer is the best, and while some Black Friday deals are truly amazing, some are just normal prices advertised with flashy signs.

Black Friday – is it worth it?

Black Friday, which in 2022 falls on November 25th, is a decades-old tradition. Many people will postpone their shopping to this day, hoping to save some money on discounts. It is possible in many cases, as some Black Friday offers are real bargains. For example, you can take advantage of Black Friday VPN deals to get a good VPN at a low price and invest in your online security, which will come in handy in your daily life – not only during shopping.

On the other hand, retailers have come up with strategies to maximize their profits. Some will even go as far as to raise their prices before Black Friday, only to lower them again and advertise them as “Black Friday deals.” Shopping on Black Friday can indeed save you money, but it should be done with some planning. Learn how to do it with our list of tips.

How To Shop On Black Friday And Save Money

1.    Start early

When we advise you to start your shopping earlier, we don’t mean “go and wait in line at 6 am”. No, we mean “plan months in advance.” The most dedicated people research product prices up to six months before Black Friday.

We are not saying you should spend dozens of hours planning – no one has time for that. But if you have a particular product in mind that you would like to buy cheaper (such as a TV or a new set of headphones), it would be wise to look up its original price.

As already mentioned, clever retailers boost their prices only to lower them back on Black Friday. Luckily, you don’t have to create a spreadsheet and meticulously record every price change. There are online tools that can do it for you.

2.    Research items

Black Friday is so important to retailers and producers that they plan months in advance. This is why some try to sell products made specifically for the occasion. Although they have a very low price, they may also be low quality.

Research the items by reading technical reviews. Pay attention to models and model numbers. Sometimes a ridiculously low price is not worth it.

3.    Don’t forget about Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and focuses mainly on online deals. If you are a fan of online shopping – you should keep your eyes open on this day.

When it comes to certain items and deals, sometimes it’s better to wait out Black Friday and try shopping on Cyber Monday. While Black Friday is good for buying TVs or game consoles, Cyber Monday is typically full of discounts on clothing items, computers, and travel tickets.

4.    Don’t be impulsive

Saving money on discounts is difficult when you are bombarded with colorful signs telling you about great discounts everywhere. You may actually end up spending more money than you intended – that’s what retailers want.

To avoid this, you should prepare a shopping list in advance. Think about what you really need to buy. When Black Friday comes, stick to your list and try not to get overwhelmed by the number of deals.

5.    Skip the doorbuster offers

Limited in quantity, doorbuster deals can be great – if you manage to catch them, that is. These types of offers are usually so popular that you have to wait in line or on a website at a certain time. Even then, you are not guaranteed to get the item you want, as you will compete with hundreds of people.

Consider whether you need to go to extremes to get the desired product. There are probably similar deals in other stores anyway.

6.    Have accounts ready

Remember that you are not the only one trying to get the best deals on Black Friday. Servers will be crowded that day, and websites will be slowed down, so prepare everything in advance.

Set up accounts in online stores and add credit and shipping information so that when Black Friday arrives, the only thing for you to do is to click “buy.” Don’t forget about safety! Be careful and do not sign up for weird-looking websites offering you ridiculous discounts, as they might be trying to scam you.

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