How To Fix “DI Not Available for This Package”?

How often does it happen that you have a package scheduled for delivery and then when you plan your work around it, somehow the packages either get delivered early or late, putting all your plans down the drain?

Package deliveries are often reliant on the shipping companies and the kind of carrier services they are using, so when you track your order and have an expected delivery date, be assured that it is a tentative one.

When talking about package deliveries, one concept that has been making the rounds recently is “DI not available for this package.” We will discuss what it means and more on that in this article.

What does “DI Not Available for this Package” Mean?

If you are sitting there confused about what this means, DI stands for delivery information. So, when you are tracking your package and this message pops up, it means that delivery information is not available for the package.

Furthermore, this message also pops up on the tracking page if the package can be dropped off by the delivery executive without needing a signature.

Whether or not a package has to be delivered with a signature depends on the package’s value. For example, if it is something very expensive or fragile or costs above $500, it means that the package will only be delivered after it has been signed by the receiver.

Should One Be Concerned About “DI Not Available” Message?

If you find the “DI not available” message popping up on your product’s tracking page, there’s nothing you have to worry about.

It simply means that the package’s delivery will not require a signature and the person delivering your order will most likely leave it in front of your home, on the porch, or in a designated area that you have for such orders.

Which Kinds of Packages Have a “DI Not Available” Message?

As we mentioned, the “DI Not Available” simply means that the delivery executive will deliver your order without needing a signature and even if you aren’t present at your respective delivery location.

If you are not aware of the whole process, it is common for you to be confused. In that case, let us clarify some of the basics.

Expensive and sensitive or fragile products or packages require the receiver to sign the delivery. In most cases, packages that are worth $500 or above will mandatorily need a signature after it has been delivered.

Anything cheap or under $500 will show the “DI not available” message on the tracking page. More than the receiver, the message is there to help the delivery person know that they can directly drop the order without asking for a signature.


Seeing “DI Not available” on the tracking page of your order when you don’t know what it means is a very common issue. We hope that this comprehensive guide gives you all the clarifications that you need on this front, especially involving the safe and sound delivery of your product without any hassle.


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