How to Download and Install Cydia Impactor: Windows/Mac /Linux [Latest Version]

Are you looking for download Cydia Impactor for Windows/Mac /Linux [Latest Version]? then here’s check out the latest download links from below.

What is Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor is one best tool that allows you to install third party apps on your devices (IPA Files). It is developed by saurik (Twitter and website). You can use this tool to install IPA files on iOS and APK files on Android. It also can help you exploit the series of Android “Master Key” vulnerabilities.

When Yalu jailbreak is not fixed at the moment, The Cydia Impactor has sideloaded unofficial apps, games, and tweaks easily.

The latest version 0.9.42 of Cydia Impactor has some improvements and features. And the tool has good to work as compared to the previous version.

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The Extender is still incompatible with iOS 11. But if you want to use then you have to changes on your devices like go to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings. Here’s you can see the “Enable full trust for root certificates” section and “trust” Extender’s certificate.

How to DOWNLOAD CYDIA IMPACTOR On Windows/Mac /Linux

Here’s you can free to get CYDIA IMPACTOR On Windows/Mac /Linux devices from below links.


  • Latest Update (August 10, 2017) – it can Umang Raghubanshi pushed an update that fixes the http-win.cpp:160 Error. This version disables TLS certification. According to the developer, this is a “band-aid” fix that you can use until Saurik releases an official update.
  • Newer Update (August 14, 2017) – Saurik has released version 0.9.43 to fix the “Peer Certificate” error.
  • Last Update – It time to Cydia Impactor has been updated to version 0.9.42. It is now compatible with iOS 11.

How to Sign iOS Apps using Cydia Impactor

Now let’s see how to Sign iOS Apps using Cydia Impactor with this simple steps.

  1. First, you have to Download the latest version of Cydia Impactor from above LINK.
  2. Now go to the Locate the installer and open it. here the example for macOS users, “Drag to install Impactor in your Applications folder”.
  3. Now Connect your iOS device to the computer
  4. Next to Locate the.IPA file that you want to install. I recommend moving it to the Desktop.
  5. And Open Cydia Impactor; it will recognize your iPhone or iPad
  6. After that just click on the IPA, then drag & drop it over to Impactor. If you do it right, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password.

How to Download and Install Cydia Impactor: Windows/Mac /Linux [Latest Version]

Once it completes the process, Cydia Impactor will take control of the rest. All it’s going to do is verify and install the application on your iOS device.

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