What Is Crying Obsidian In Minecraft? How To Mine, Use Respawn & More

Minecraft is the new world for thousands of users worldwide. They love to spend time on this survival game. The game also has levels to fights against zombies and monsters. Also, players can add some aesthetic tools and blocks to prepare a fantastic structure. And the “Crying Obsidian” is one the most popular blocks. 

Crying Obsidian Meaning 

Crying Obsidian is a purple-colored block that oozes purple particles. It is luminous that can be sued to craft a respawn anchor and. It can also help to produce purple particles when you place them.

Uses Of Crying Obsidian

You can use Crying Obsidian for different purposes. Let’s check out where to use Crying Obsidian o Minecraft.

  • Construction Block

One of the major uses of Crying Obsidian is that you can use it to construct a block as it has a blast resistance of 1200. Hence, it can withstand many impacts. The best thing is pistons or ender dragons cannot demolish it. If you are looking for the perfect hideout, then Crying Obsidian is the best solution.

  • Make Respawn Anchor with Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian also helps to make respawn anchor in the Nether realm. Once you have created a respawn anchor with Crying Obsidian, you can later explore Nether if you place Crying Obsidian in your home. Even if you die, you will respawn at the location of your Respawn Anchor instead of falling to the surface.

  • Creative Mode

Crying Obsidian also has the feature to give the best look to the construction structure as blue and purple. When you add a significant amount of Crying Obsidian blocks, it will show the amazing look in the game’s Creative Mode.

  • Lighting 

Crying Obsidian also has the feature to show light-emitting blocks that offer purple light to add charm. This light cannot be vanishing in snow and ice. The aesthetic light can also be used at the 10 levels.

How To Use Crying Obsidian to make Respawn Anchor

As the Respawn Anchor is the recipe, players need to put everything in the right place to create the perfect Respawn Anchor with Crying Obsidian. You will need 6 x Crying Obsidian, 3 x Glowstone, and 1 x Crafting Table.

  1. Place 3 x Crying Obsidian blocks in the top row of the crafting grid.
  2. Next, place 3 x Glowstone blocks in the middle row of the crafting grid.
  3. Now put all your remaining Crying Obsidian blocks in the bottom row of the crafting grid.
  4. Now grab the newly formed Respawn Anchor and place it in your inventory.
  5. Place the anchor anywhere you would like to respawn upon death.

How To Mine Crying Obsidian

You can also use Crying Obsidian for mining purposes. Let’s check out the mining times for different materials.

#Pickaxe MaterialMining Time

The Conclusion

We tried to explain fully the use of Crying Obsidian in Minecraft. Are you satisfied with this post? Do you need more help regarding Crying Obsidian? Don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments.

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