How to use Chat GPT for essay writer in 2023?

Have you ever thought about AI essay writing? Well, stop daydreaming, as Chat GPT is all set to bring your imagination to life. A newly launched language model, Chat GPT is well-versed in writing and coding languages to make your tasks and life way more accessible than you’ve ever imagined.

This AI model is equipped with the latest and advanced technologies to deliver exactly what you are looking for. This artificial intelligence bot lets you write whatever you want in a matter of seconds. So, are you ready to explore the entire Chat GPT essay writer process? Scroll down the page and find a complete guide associated with the same. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and get started.

What are the pros and cons of Chat GPT?

Before we jump into the Chat GPT essay writing process, let’s first highlight some pros and cons of this AI bot to get a clear picture. It will help you understand whether using the tool is worth it or just hype.


  • Easy to Use: First of all, the tool is extremely simple to use and features a user-friendly interface. Simply visit the site, log into your account, and start using it right away. This AI bot is specially created for beginners who don’t have much information about AI writing.
  • Write whatever you want: Unlike its competitors that offer limited functionality, this tool can solve all your challenges and write essays, mathematical equations, and codes as well.
  • Free to Use: The next major advantage of using the Chat GPT Essay Writer is its free availability. Yes, you read it, right? The tool is available absolutely free of cost, and you won’t have to spend bucks for writing essays or anything. It is equipped with information on all the latest topics and information, so you can use it for writing anything you want.


  • Represents faulty information in a convincing tone: The major shortcoming of using the Chat GPT is the fact that it represents even the wrong information in such a convincing tone, so you can easily trust it if you are not updated about that specific topic. Hence, it is always advised to use this AI bot only for writing topics or codes you know. It’s important to note that AI-generated Content may not always be 100% accurate, and AI-generated content can pose a risk to your website or blog. To be safe, website and blog admins should use the AI Detector to verify all content before publishing.
  • Extensive Repetition: Yet another problem of using the Chat GPT Essay Writer is that it extensively repeats phrases and words, making the whole content boring and monotonous. It means that whether you want it or not, the tool requires human intervention to produce the ideal and appropriate content.
  • Slow processing time: This drawback is somewhere linked to one of the leading advantages of the tool, which is none other than its free usage. Since this language model is free to use, you can expect long processing times, especially during peak hours and heavy traffic. Sometimes, it can take hours to write a small paragraph, making it non-suitable for those looking for quick results.

A step-by-step guide to using the Chat GPT Essay Writer

Are you ready to use the Chat GPT Essay Writer? Scroll down and read all instructions carefully to develop a structured and convincing essay for your next project. Here’s how you can do it.

  • First of all, launch the web browser of your preference and go to the official website of the Chat GPT.
  • Once you reach the homepage, locate the login tab and click on it.
  • Enter the required credentials and access your Chat GPT account.
  • Now, tell the tool to write an essay on whatever topic you want and see its magic in real-time. Please wait for some time, as it might take a few minutes to complete the process.

Note: While writing essays with the Chat GPT Essay Writer seems amazing at first glance, you must check the final result before submitting it. The tool might produce repetitive sentences and phrases, thus requiring human intervention.


So, that’s all about how to write an essay with the Chat GPT. There are many chatGPT ios apps available as well. This new language model acts as a savior for those who don’t have much time to write essays or require external help to complete their projects. However, the tool is not 100% correct all the time; hence, you must know all the factual information before using it.

We hope our research will inspire and help you use the tool in an appropriate manner. For more information about the Chat GPT Essay Writer, visit the page regularly.

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