How to play The Legend of Zelda on your Windows PC

The fantasy action adventure game “The Legend of Zelda” first introduces in 1986 which made the best record on the Nintendo entertainment system. People were very crazy about this Nintendo publisher the legend of Zelda which further played in different gaming machine starts from super Nintendo entertainment system, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo0 3Ds, Wii U, and now it is played in Nintendo Switch since 18th May 2018.

But the Legend of Zelda game lovers still wants to change the platform by play this brilliant graphics game on their PC/Laptop. This official game developer has not yet announced the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild pc version, so we have come across and found that with the help of emulator we can efficiently operate this game on our PC’s.

There are a different type of emulator that allows the official platform application software run on PC and as per the history of simple arcade games to a highly pixilated graphic that stands on the high rating in today market, CEMU emulator is the perfect coordination balance of the play to run botw pc. Before we go further, you need to know about the breath of the wild cemu.

CEMU is the video game console emulator and Wii U closed source which is developed by Exzap and petergov base on personal Microsoft window computer. This emulator is so smart which allow Nintendo switch Botw game run on the window with the help of botw cemu download.

Now window pc user can play Wii U game on Cemu in high-quality resolution. It’s presently conceivable to play games of Nintendo in 4K, however just on the off chance that you run them through an emulator. Cemu is a bit of “HES” that permits Wii U diversions to be emulated on PC with botw cemu download.

Cemu Breath of the Wild Game Requirement:

It is very important that your computer is updated with the total CPU/GPU drives so the breath of the wild cemu download does not compromise with the system. It is also important that your system also installed the DirectX, 7Zip and C++ Redistributable. If you are using window 10 then it is installed by default, just check in case of any update or install needed.  The mention things are very important for Cemu to run breath of the wild rom to work on emulator game on PC. The emulator also allows you get the other games from the wii u roms if you had downloaded the Wii pc version.

How to Download the Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Pc Download

Before we start the steps make sure that you already download & installed Cemu, Cemu Hook, CEMUGraphics Packs and botw shader cache in order to starts the process.

Step #1. Download latest Cemu Wii U emulator for PC. The latest version Cemu V1.15.4b which is for win x64 downloads. Unzip the file which releases the entire files into CEMU folder.

CEMU Install

Step #2. Download compatible version of Cemu hook and then move “cemu1.15.4b­” file into the CEMU folder which was Unzip.

Step #3. After success download Cemu Hook compatible zip file extract in same step#1 extract Cemu folder.

CEMU extract file

Step #4. Download the Graphics pack which will download in zip file then copy in to the CEMU folder to extract in that folder, so the files extract inside that folder.

Step #5. Download the Shader cache file and unzip the file into the Cemu folder “xxxx.bin”. Because of the version updated the old file does not match, so you need to download from the given link.

Now your CEMU is ready to run on Pc with the successful installation.

How To Configure Cemu to Run The Legend of Zelda Botw on Pc

To run the cemu breath of the wild on the computer system you need to continue the steps.

Step #1. Open the Cemu.exe file application and click on the button to download any fonts asked by launching an app on pc. Sometimes it becomes difficult to download because of the antivirus, so stop until your download is finished.

Cemu Emulator

Step #2. In the Cemu application, menu clicks on an option and select Input setting. This will allow you to add a controller or computer keyboard key to configure as per your comfort need. When it did type your profile name in the provided field and then closes it after clicking the saving button.

Cemu application menu click

Step #3.  Now for graphic packs again click on the same option to select it. You need to select the Botw graphic option which has the 1600 x 900 resolution or above.

Step #4. More selected options in these steps: Square shadow fix, Nvidia explosion fix, FPS++, Ref extra-enhanced and LWZX crash workaround.

Cemu emulator configurations

If you want the better game experience with the Cemu emulator then you can check more configurations in setting > option.

Option > upscale filter> bilinear

Option > full screen scaling > keep aspect ratio

Option > GPU buffer cache accuracy > low/fast

Option > experimental > uncheck enable Botw crash workaround

Option > experimental > uncheck use RDTSC for Physics or NPC popping issue.

Debug > custom timer > Cemu default 1x

Debug > MM timer accuracy > 1ms

CPU > affinity > all logical cores

configuration of Cemu

Now you have completed the configuration of Cemu emulator to run the legend of Zelda: BotW.

How To Download & Install The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

There are other methods available on the internet that allows you to get a breath of the wild pc download if you know another method to get easy download then try that or follow these steps carefully because one mistake will let you start again.

Before we start the process create new folders in the same Cemu emulator folder as mention in the snapshot (Helper, Helper DL, Helper Ex). Also download Wii U USB helper, if you had then do not download again.

download Wii U USB helper

Step #1.  Set default directories by launching Wii U USB helper @ window s bottom.

Where to download and Extract Wii U USB Helper:

Download to Helper DL folder and extract downloaded zip file to Helper EX folder.

Step #2. In Wii U Helper search legend of Zelda breath of the wild.

Step #3. In order to select game you need to right click on game and click on download (Click “no” when DLC or update asked)

Step #4. Now select download update by right click on game and choose update version

Step #5. Now select download DLC by right click

Step #6. Start download

download DLC

Step #7. After the download is finished you will get the game icon, right click on it and select unpack. Unpack option is also checked on Wii U helper while downloading the file.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Cemu using Download on PC

Now we need to install the game The Legend of Zelda: botw cemu

Step #1. As you had already download Cemu emulator on pc then launch the emulator and select file then install DLC or game update.

Step #2. From the Cemu folder locate the Helper EX folder and go to update files of the game. Here from meta-folder select “meta.xml”.

Helper EX folder

Step #3. From the Cemu folder locates again repeat the Step#2 for DLC files then select .xml file.

Step #4. When DLC & updates installation is finished Click File > Load > Helper EX Folder > The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Here you need to code folder then select .rpx file which help you to load the file on Cemu.

Step #5. From the Cemu folder open file “log.txt” and search for Shader Cache name code by scrolling down.

Step #6. In the text file copy the shader cache name which appears different in every time setup.

Step #7. In this step, you just go to ShaderCache Folder > transferable & re-name of .bin file with shader Cache name.

ShaderCache Folder

With the success of every step, you are now enabled to run the Zelda breath of the wild cemu game by launching Cemu and load botw game.

Note: There is come complication occurs at first for shader cache and take time which will be ok once you launch a game and also note that always turn on “GX2 set GPU Fense Skip (HACK)”.

GX2 set GPU Fense Skip (HACK

Now you are free to play this game on your PC with the help of the complete tutorial and also share your experience with the Legend of Zelda on your window pc. Any problem occurs during the setup let us know and we will clear the road. There are other alternatives of Cemu emulator which allow you to play different platform games/apps on window pc.

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