Best Tablets For Streaming Sports Online

Live sporting events across the U.S. attract some of the highest audiences in terms of actual venue attendance and on small screens around the nation. While there’s an average of around 67,000 people attending games in person across the NFL, it pales into insignificance compared to those who choose to take in their sport from within their own surroundings.

Streaming Sports Online

Research undertaken by Statista, states that approximately 57.5 million people in the country watched digital live sports content at least once per month over the last year. This number is expected to rise sharply too, to almost 91 million by the end of 2025. Access to the streams comes in many different forms; you might use something like the NFL Sunday Ticket which is a dedicated sport’s streaming platform. Alternatively, some apps come with streaming functions that are not their core function; this is the case with the Coral Sports App from Google Play. While it has streaming functionality, bringing you all UK horse racing and soccer from La Liga and Serie A, it is also a casino app. There are some apps, such as FuboTV, which offer dedicated streaming services as the core function. Whatever you choose, it would be best to have the right hardware to get the most out of the streaming function.

With such a wealth of choice when it comes to device options, we’re going to look at some of the best out there to help you access the big game, no matter what your budget.

The streaming MVP
Apple iPad Pro (2021) – From $799

Simply put, for those on a higher budget, there’s no better choice than an Apple iPad Pro. The octa-core Apple M1 chip inside the device is fantastic. Depending on the spec of the device, you can pair it with up to 16 G.B. of RAM, which adds more power and processing ability. Combining both high spec components add up to a battery smooth streaming experience on the liquid retina XDR display, which has a 120Hz refresh rate that utilizes HDR10 and Dolby Vision technology. The device comes in two sizes, with either an 11″ or 12.9″ screen, but both are equally as good.

A firm contender
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – From $499

If your budget isn’t at the top end, this is the choice to go for. The Galaxy Tab 7 has some serious grunt under the hood to ensure you don’t miss a kick of the game. It has a refresh rate matching that of the iPad, 120hz. It has a variable refresh rate too, which helps in terms of battery power, so you can watch sport for longer without having to keep plugging it in. The Qualcomm 865 chip handles the demands of streaming video very well, but the Tab is streets ahead when it comes to audio. The quad speakers in the Tab S7 can supply Dolby Atmos surround if the broadcast features it, which brings the atmosphere from the stadium right into your home.

The talented rookie
Amazon Fire HD10 – From $149

This is a fantastic buy for anyone looking to buy a solid tablet for streaming; it certainly belies the price. Of course, there are some compromises, and you will notice a difference with the other two tablets on this list as it’s a little sluggish if you have them side to side. However, that’s far from playing it down; the 1080p full H.D. display is bright and clear, the 2.0Ghz processor does a good job of keeping things moving. It’s just a reliable, hardworking budget-friendly device. If all you want from your tablet is something to watch sport on, you can’t go wrong with the Fire HD10, but if it’s being used as a device to multitask, then maybe look to one of the other options on this list.

We hope this has helped you to choose the best device for you, and once you’ve got your tablet sorted, remember to check out our list of the best places to access the game by checking out our article on some great sports streaming websites.

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