Best Air Tags for Android

Want to keep your things safe and protected from any unauthorized access? Turn to Air Tags and keep prying eyes at bay. However, it’s not hidden from anyone that the term AirTags originated from Apple, as it’s their official product designed to keep track of your stuff while discouraging unwanted tracking.

But fortunately, some Air Tags are available for Android-based smartphones, helping you safeguard your stuff. Here, we have mapped out the 5 of the best and worth trying options. Read them thoroughly and make an informed choice.

What is Apple AirTag?

Before we move to the best Air Tags for Android, let’s find out what an AirTag is to get a better idea. Apple’s AirTag is designed for use with iOS devices. It is a small, lightweight tag that attaches to items like clothes and backpacks.

The tags have a Bluetooth connection and a battery that lasts for a long while. Once attached, the tag will send information such as location and activity data to a corresponding app on your phone. A single Apple AirTag is priced at $29.

An AirTag has always been described as intelligent and capable for those in Apple’s ecosystem.

The Best Air Tags for Android

Our experts have compared the available options and come up with a list of the top 4 Air Tags that are worth the splurge. Whether you’re looking for a traditional air tag or for something a little more interactive, these four options have got you covered.

Check them out and pick an option that suits your requirements and budget.

  • Cube Shadow

Let’s begin the list with one of the premium options – Cube Shadow. The thinnest and the smallest possible tracker, it’s tough to give competition to this air tag in terms of appearance.

You will be glad to know that a Cube Shadow is just 2mm thin, making it the thinnest air tag for Android smartphones. Moreover, this air tag has a tracking range of 200ft, and it comes with an IP67 rating; hence can be submerged up to a meter for around 30 minutes without affecting its performance.

  • Chipolo One

The second-best air tag for Android that you should give a try is Cipolo One and Chipolo One Spot. What makes it worth trying is its best value and innovative technology. The best thing about this air tag is that it instantly sends an out-of-range alert to let you know that your stuff is unable to track at the moment.

Moreover, it produces a loud sound to find your item even in the busiest and noisiest environment. Chipolo One is also a well-priced air tag; hence, it won’t hurt your pocket hard.

  • Tile Pro

You can refer to Tile as a pioneer in the tracker world, making it one of the best options for those who don’t want to compromise the quality. It is a cross-platform device and offers a range of 400ft.

Tile Pro is a water-resistant air tag and comes with a replaceable battery, so you can use it for a long while.

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Last, but not least is the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. While it is a standard Bluetooth item tracker, it offers various Apple-like advantages. It offers a whopping range of 390ft, allowing you to discover your items quickly and hassle-free.

However, every good thing comes at a price, and Galaxy AirTag is no exception. Its price roughly matches the AirTag, so you should be ready to pay a premium when choosing it.


So, that’s all about the best Air Tags for Android. We hope our research has narrowed your choices, so you can make the most appropriate choice regarding Air Tags. For more information on Air Tags, you can stay in touch with us.

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