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We all download and use the apps and play games by downloading them from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But there are tricks offer by an application which provides cool rewards and you can earn money while doing this your everyday activity. AppNana is an android application which has been made to reward its users for downloading and using apps. But the real question is “AppNana really worth it or is it just a scam that fools people and doesn’t pay anything.

So first we should know about AppNana app. In simple words and easy words, we would like to tell you that the process of earning money on AppNana app is quite simple but very time-consuming. The signup process is really simple but to make a significant amount of rewards and money in this app is really time-consuming and a little boring. You might be thinking about playing games and earning money from that is enticing but what if the games offered by this app are just boring. So let’s take a deep insight into the game here.


What is AppNana?

AppNana is an Android and iOS mobile app that pays its users for downloading free games and apps and using them. Appnana pays with nana credits. Users can use those earned credits and redeem them for some great rewards. You can simply register by signing up with your E-mail and desired password and you will receive 10,000 Nana credit as a new member. With enough credits earned from the app, you can redeem them for rewards and you can also purchase paid apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. You can redeem them as cash cards, gift cards, points for PlayStation or Xbox, and sometimes cash.

How to Earn in AppNana?

The main and easy way to earn credits on the AppNana is to download apps and games given in Appnana app and use it according to the conditions given with the app. Players have to complete the task such as sometimes a user has to play the game for five minutes and in other, he has to clear the level in the game.

The earning of credit is also depend on the task, up to 1000 nana credits can be earned by a simple task and by completing a hard or lengthy task you can earn up to 60,000 nana credits. You can also earn by inviting your friends too. You will be given an invitation code that a new user has to put while signing up. Once it’s done successfully, you both shall get 2,500 nana credits. You can also earn a minimum of 400 credits in a day by just logging in to the app.

Is AppNana pay real money or is it a scam?

The answer is obviously no. AppNana really pays users by Nana credits when they complete the task given in the app.  But there are also several complaints in the reviews box on the Google Play Store that sometimes the app doesn’t pay you even after completing the task successfully. Some users also claim that they have used the AppNana credits to redeem them on iTunes gift card.

So there are mixed reviews from all the users. Some really vouch for it as they have earned money from it but some are calling is scam and rubbish since they haven’t earned a single penny from the app.

Final Words:

In the final segment, we would tell you, should you use AppNana or not? Really we won’t recommend this app to earn money since the app requires a lot of times here and there are several other ways to earn money online. So only sticking to this app for 1 month and earn $10 for that, is not a good deal we suggest.

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