Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume: A Complete Guide

Absolute Bluetooth Volume is a feature on Android devices that lets users set a specific volume level for Bluetooth devices instead of having the volume automatically change based on the device’s volume settings.

You can use this feature to adjust the volume to your preference or to keep the volume level constant across devices. Absolute Bluetooth Volume can be turned off by users if they don’t need it or if they’d rather use their own Bluetooth device to change the volume.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Absolute Bluetooth Volume, including what it is, how it works, and how to disable it on Android devices.

What is Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android?

As stated in the introduction, this function allows Android smartphone users to set a specific volume level for Bluetooth devices. When this feature is turned on, the volume of the Bluetooth device will stay at the level set by the user, even if the device’s own volume settings are changed.

This functionality allows users to maintain a consistent volume level when switching between different Bluetooth devices. However, this feature must be enabled in your smartphone’s settings before it can be used. In the following section, we describe in detail the procedure that enables it.

So, once it’s turned on, you’ll be able to change the volume of your Bluetooth device right from your Android device instead of having to use the volume controls on the device itself.

In short, Android devices that run Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later can use Absolute Bluetooth Volume. Most modern Bluetooth devices, such as earphones, speakers, headphones, and other audio devices, can also use it. But it’s important to know that not all Bluetooth devices support Absolute Bluetooth Volume, so you may need to check with the device’s maker to see if it does.

How to Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android

Enabling this feature on your Android mobile phone is a no-brainer process. You can follow these simple steps to turn on Absolute Bluetooth Volume on your device:

  1. Go to the “Sound” or “Audio” settings on your Android device.
  2. Look for “Use Absolute Volume” option.
  3. Toggle the switch to the “Off” position.

Once you turn off Absolute Bluetooth Volume, your Bluetooth devices’ volumes will once again be controlled by the devices themselves, not by your Android device. Keep in mind that turning off Absolute Bluetooth Volume might change how loud your Bluetooth devices are, so you might need to change the volume on the devices themselves to get the level you want.

If you’re having trouble turning off Absolute Bluetooth Volume, here are some things to try:

  • Absolute Bluetooth Volume is not available on older versions of Android, so make sure you have a device running on Android 6.0 at least.
  • Check if the Bluetooth device you are using supports Absolute Bluetooth Volume.
  • Make sure the switch that turns off Absolute Bluetooth Volume is set to “Off.” If it isn’t, move the switch to “Off” and try again.
  • If the aforementioned tips don’t work for you, disconnect the Bluetooth device, reboot your phone, and try again to check if the problem is fixed.
  • If you still can’t turn off Absolute Bluetooth Volume, you might try resetting the audio settings on your device to their default values. To do this, go to your Android device’s Settings => Sound or Audio => Reset audio settings.

Potential Drawbacks of Disabling Absolute Bluetooth Volume

Some users might want to turn off Absolute Bluetooth Volume, but it’s important to remember that there could be problems if you do.

Volume Issues

One of the biggest problems is that turning off Absolute Bluetooth Volume may change how loud your Bluetooth devices are. When Absolute Bluetooth Volume is turned on, the Android device sets the volume of the device and keeps it at that level.

When it’s turned off, the device’s volume is controlled by the device itself. This means that the volume may not be consistent between different Bluetooth devices. For instance, if you have one Bluetooth speaker set to a high volume and another set to a low volume, turning off Absolute Bluetooth Volume may cause the volume of both speakers to change when you switch between them. This can be annoying for people who like to keep the volume level the same or who have different volume settings for different devices.

One way to deal with this problem is to set the volume level you want on the Bluetooth device itself by using its volume controls. This will let you keep the volume levels of your Bluetooth devices the same, even when Absolute Bluetooth Volume is turned off. But this may not be the best solution for all users because it requires extra steps and may be less handy than using the volume controls on the Android device.

May Not Work with All Bluetooth Devices

Disabling Absolute Bluetooth Volume could also be a big problem because it might not work with all Bluetooth devices. Some devices may only let you control the volume through Absolute Bluetooth Volume, which means you won’t be able to change the volume on the device itself. In these situations, you may need to re-enable Absolute Bluetooth Volume to change the device’s volume.

Overall, turning off Absolute Bluetooth Volume may have some disadvantages, but it’s up to each user to decide based on their own needs and preferences whether the feature is worth keeping or turning off.

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