How to Download the Android Auto Coolwalk apk latest version 2023?

Google has now unveiled the new and exciting interface for Android Auto for all car head units in the name of Coolwalk. But here, the question arises – how to download Android Auto Coolwalk APK to make the most out of it.

The best thing is that Google has introduced the update to Android Auto v8.6 through the beta channel. In addition, this coolwalk Android Auto update is also released via a stable channel for some users (eligible users only).

Are you ready to install the Coolwalk APK on your Android Auto but have no idea about how to start? Well then, you have clicked the rightmost link for the same. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to downloading this new interface on your Android Auto and giving your car head unit a new, exciting look. Let’s get into it.

What makes Android Auto Coolwalk Apk worth trying?

No matter how useful the traditional version of Android Auto is, users always look for new updates and features to enjoy the best experience. Keeping this thing in mind, Google has recently launched Android Auto Coolwalk APK packed with great updates and options that you haven’t even imagined.

Along with a stunning user interface, this update features a a split screen option to allow users to multitask. Most users complain that Android Auto binds phones to the car head unit, making them unable to carry out other activities. Therefore, Google has resolved this problem with the new Coolwalk APK. You can now use all your favorite apps from the left panel without going back or exiting the screen, making it easier to access all useful information. Also, this update lets you use music, messages, app, and others under one roof.

Is the Android Auto Coolwalk APK available to all?

Before you get excited about this new Android Auto Coolwalk APK, make sure you are eligible for the same. As far as our research is concerned, this update is available for all Android Auto users via the stable channel.

However, you should remember that you must have an Android phone running 8.0 or beyond to use Android Auto in your vehicle. Or else, you can enjoy this feature with high-quality cable for a wired connection.

How to get Android Auto Coolwalk APK?

To get the latest version of the Android Auto interface, i.e. coolwalk, you must fetch the latest stable version of Android Auto 8.6.625 APK, including Coolwalk, for all car head units from the phone settings app. Also, don’t forget to check that this new Android Auto version must include Dark Theme and Material you design feature, as these will be useful when using Android Auto.

In addition, you can also become the Android Auto beta tester by registering for the program via Google Play Store. This way, you can try all new updates and features before it gets officially launched.


There you have it. Android Auto Coolwalk APK is one of the most-hyped updates for Android Auto and is packed with tons of new features and exciting options. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the process above and get it downloaded in seconds.

Moreover, you must make sure that you satisfy all requirements to download this new Android Auto interface. If you like the guide, then share your feedback with us. We would love to hear from you.

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