What Happened To AMZDOGE?

With the consistent growth and popularization of the internet, more and more people are inclined towards online “quick money-making schemes.” AMZDOGE was reportedly one of those online trading platforms that promised users passive income with little investment.

The company’s downfall was all due to the company’s lack of transparency concerning the services and products they were trying to sell online.

If you have been wondering what happened to AMZDOGE and if it is a legit platform, we have got your back.

What is AMZDOGE?

Before we look into the reviews and the features, let us break down the basics. AMZDOGE is an online trading company, whose main intent is to offer users access to passive income opportunities.

When it comes to looking through the available information about AMZDOGE, there’s not much we could find. That said, they had a profound public presence and even acquired a lot of investment from people that fell into their trap.

Coming to their clarifications regarding the platform, the company claimed that they are in the cryptocurrency market but there is no confirmed information about them available.

Is AMZDOGE a Ponzi Scheme?

The majority of the users that have invested their money in AMZDOGE have confirmed that it is a multilevel marketing (MLM) business with no transparency regarding the investment and trading process.

What the users have confirmed is that the platform does help you generate passive income to an extent but there is no transparency as to where the money is being invested and where you are earning the money from, which is quite suspicious.

There are mixed opinions about AMZDOGE and its operation because some have confirmed that it is a worthy platform while some have reported that it’s not worth the time.

We have had sources associate this trading platform with the PONZI scheme, which surely raises a lot of concerns in the minds of people.

What are the Suspicious Activities of AMZDOGE?

We have been consistently told that AMZDOGE is a red flag and that the platform has raised a lot of concerns in the minds of people.

So, what are some of the alarming factors that deserve a mention?

  • Owner info– The most astounding red flag about this platform is the lack of information when it comes to the ownership and the people running the platform. There’s no one mentioned on the website’s about us page or even the contact page, which is quite disappointing.
  • Duplicate content– Most of the content that you see on the website is plagiarised content from other sources, which is again a point of concern because if the platform was legit, they wouldn’t have been using plagiarised content.
  • Trust score– When you check the trust score of AMZDOGE on other platforms, you’d be surprised to see that the website has a very low trust score, which is again a sign that the website is not worth the time.

Is AMZDOGE currently Operational?

AMZDOGE is not operational right now. The website has experienced a lot of criticism online and people that were once relying on the platform stepped back.

So, over the last few weeks, the platform has been shut down and it isn’t operational. We have no idea whether or not the website is returning and if it is, how it will tap into people’s trust again.


If you are new to the concept of MLM and AMZDOGE and have been wondering whether or not the website is legit, your curiosity is justified. We hope this article gives you a brief rundown of everything you need to know regarding AMZDOGE and why it is not the most fruitful trading platform.


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