Amazon App Not Working: How to Fix?

Online shopping has taken a front seat and more and more people are getting into it. When it comes to talking about e-commerce, you can’t deny the fact that Amazon is hands down everyone’s favorite option to look into. However, with so many different types of other platforms coming up, the competition has gone up substantially. Besides that, another thing that most consumers often tend to complain about is the app not working or becoming unresponsive now and then.

If the same has happened with you, chances are that you have either closed the app or tried opening it on the desktop version or you have given it up altogether. Whatever the problem be, we have a few assorted methods that you can look into.

Ways to Fix Amazon App Not Working

More often than not, the malfunctioning in your Amazon app is either due to your smartphone issue or it is because of the lack of updates. Whatever the problem be, we have some amazing and effective ways that can help fix that.

  1. Check whether it needs updates

The first and likely the most important factor that you need to focus on are the application updates. Sometimes, you might forget to update the app to rectify the issues of bug fixes and other lags and delays that are associated with the app.

The main issue with the non-updated applications is the big issues. This can cause delays in the application, something that you don’t want to experience at all. So, if you are finding the app freezing while you are opening it, likely chances that it needs some kind of an update.

  • Close the background applications

Although it might seem irrelevant, trust us, it isn’t. One of the main issues with having multiple applications open in the background is that it consumes a lot of space and RAM while you are operating it. This will eventually end up causing unnecessary delays to your phone’s performance.

So, if your Amazon app is crashing every time you try to open it, chances are it is due to poor RAM management. And, the best way to fix that is by closing all the applications that are running in the background. It is as simple as that.

  • Restart your phone

This is an old man’s tale but it does work magic. If your other applications are preventing you from opening the Amazon app, a simple restart will reset all these applications and their associated processes, making it easier for you to reopen the Amazon app again.

The primary reason people suggest restarting the phone is that it clears out the clogged memory, enables simple and a lot easier RAM management results, and ensures that you aren’t stuck when it comes to the performance of the device.

  • Check your internet connection

How often does it happen that you try to open the Amazon app on your phone, scrolling and refreshing it, only to realize that you haven’t switched on your internet? Happens way more often than you’d anticipate or expect! In such cases, always make sure that you have the network settings enabled for a smoother performance.

Besides that, sometimes our internet connection just wouldn’t work or connect and, in such cases, you might have to consider restarting your wifi or switching the settings on your mobile data to check whether that’s causing the issues.

  • Check your phone storage

Although quite shocking, the lack of ample internal storage in the phone will eventually affect an app’s performance. So, if you are sitting here expecting that your Amazon app will open when you have a few MB storage left in your phone, you are mistaken. 

The best way to clear out space in your Android is by clearing out the unused apps, downloaded files, trash, and photos, and media that have no purpose in your phone anymore.

  • Clear out cache data

While we are on the subject of deleting trash and similar kinds of unwanted files from the phone, make sure that you include cache in the list too. These are the temporary files that are stored in the phone browser to optimize your user experience. While that sounds good, it does take up a lot of storage in your phone.

What you can do is clear out that cache and data from your phone for good if you don’t want to end up having to uninstall your Amazon app from the phone.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall

Sometimes, if the issue is with the Amazon app, the best way to fix that is by uninstalling and then reinstalling the app to your phone. It is a pretty simple method and works like a charm every time. Just ensure that you remember your credentials or at least the login number or email.

If your Amazon app isn’t working despite all the tries that you made, we hope this article gives you some crucial insights to get things right. Just ensure that you follow the methods we suggested to fix the issue in no time at all. Also, if your phone or even the individual app hasn’t been updated, don’t wait up and get the updates installed without further discussion.


Can I reset my Amazon app?

The only way you can rest the Amazon app is by uninstalling it from your phone. Once done, you can clear out the trash and excess cache and then reinstall the app from App or Play Store.

Why is the Amazon app crashing?

There can be several reasons why your Amazon app is crashing. It could be due to the lack of software updates on your phone, issues with internal storage, or a whole lot more. It all depends on the phone you are using.

Is the Amazon app better or the desktop version?

If you are facing issues with the Amazon mobile app, you can always switch to the desktop version to sort out all your issues for good.

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