6 Benefits to keeping tabs on your kid’s cell phone usage

Most kids no longer want to spend their leisure time outdoors, playing with friends and prefer staying glued to tablets and smartphones either playing video games or watching videos which expose them to habits which are not healthy. That’s why you should keep tabs on your kids. Here are 6 benefits of doing so.

Improve safe internet experience

Phone usage, especially when your kids have access to the internet can be quite harmful. By limiting your kid’s phone usage and having conversations about safe browsing, you limit their access to bad sites such as online pornography sites. This helps your child not to be exposed to any sexual or violent content.

Create time for family togetherness

A lot of time spent on the phone keeps your kid away from important family matters, especially once your kid gets addicted. Reduce their phone usage to create more family time. This will give you more time to discuss family matters and enjoy spending the weekends and trips with your kids.

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Prevent internet addiction

Excessive use of phones can result in addiction, which might hinder your child’s normal growth. Most kids who spend hours surfing the web are not even aware of the time as it passes by. Rather than spend their time on the phone, they can spend this time more effectively doing other activities such as helping out with activities in the house, playing, socializing with friends or doing their homework.

Enhance time management

When you monitor your child’s phone usage, it enables them how to learn to manage their time well. They also need to interact with other kids outside the social network to help them grow. Have specific times when you allow your child to use phones to enable them to understand that there is life beyond phone games and social networks.

Using the parental control software you can set the screen time to when the apps will shut down the device when the time is over or connect it to your phone and switch it off from there. This teaches your kid to manage their time effectively.

Keep your child safe from cyber-bullying

Cyber bullying has become quite rampant in online circles, though most people aren’t aware of it. As a parent, you need to ensure that your kids are safe whenever they go online to avoid these instances.

By frequently checking up on them you ensure that your child is safe from threats which can affect your child’s mental and physical well being. There are parental tools that you use to block chat sites or social media where bullies might try to get in contact with your child. These ensure that you keep your children safe.

Prevents unhealthy gaming habits

Apart from access to internet sites that are not safe, gaming is also not healthy for your kid. The obsession caused by gaming can have serious implications for your kid. Utilize parental controls and apply game time limits or scheduled play sessions, especially if you see that your kids are 

There are different types of parental control apps and software on the market which you can use to keep tabs on your child’s online activity and keep your kid safe. Get more information from the Tool Report on how to effectively monitor your kid’s cell phone 

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