3 Amazing Things You Can Stream Online

Video streaming is one of the most recent innovations brought forth by the internet. Today’s broadband internet is the perfect medium through which entertainment can reach us – in most of its forms. Music, movies, and TV shows are the most streamed content types online, but there are many other things you can follow using video streaming. And some of them are quite amazing.


Game streaming is a term that can cover many things. On one hand, there’s the type of service where players can run games on a cloud-based server while it streams the output to their computer – services like Google’s Stadia, Nvidia’s Geforce Now, or Netflix’s upcoming game streaming offer. On the other hand, there are live streams gamers broadcast through services like Twitch. These can be anything from casual playthroughs to eSports competitions – and they have quite the following.

Finally, there are the live casino games you can play at online casinos. These are a combination of live video streaming and a digital interface that offers the viewers – the players – interaction. These live games are a fascinating solution: they merge the live streaming of a traditional casino game from a studio and the interactive nature and accessibility of online casinos, offering players a unique experience right in the comfort of their homes.


Watching documentaries about the wonders of nature can be a very relaxing and uplifting experience, beaten only by watching remote places and animals in real-time. But as you can’t travel to another part of the world each time you wish to experience nature, you have to make do with the next best thing: live webcams you can watch online.

There are entire websites – like Explore.org – dedicated to nature streaming, covering everything from volcanoes to jungles, even the mysteries of the deep sea. And if you are not into waiting for a long time for something interesting to happen (animals don’t always wander around the cameras, after all), you can always tune into the webcam streams of zoos around the world to observe the amazing animals living there.


Finally, here is the one unexpected benefit of the pandemic: online concerts. While most of the venues around the world have reopened to a certain extent, the access of fans to live events is still erratic. But many artists and promoters have learned their lessons from last year, and are now welcoming viewers and fans from all over the world – online.

One of the biggest upcoming online concerts is Global Citizen Live, a charity event featuring artists like Adam Lambert, BTS, Demi Lovato, Femi Kuti, Shawn Mendes, and Ricky Martin, among others, that will take place on live video streaming on September 25th this year.

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