10 Reasons Why Students Buy iPhones

People can be divided into two categories – they either love iPhones or hate them for some reason. However, if you gather all people who choose this phone over any other option, you will get a big army of their admirers. If you go outside and look at modern students, you will see that every second upper-middle-class student is the iPhone owner. When you hear “apple,” the chances are high, you don’t think about the fruit. Modern people perceive this word differently and have another association. When it comes to buying a high-quality smartphone, students opt for iPhones without any further ado. In some countries, young people use top essay writing servicesto combine studying with a part-time job just to save money and purchase this gadget. What is the secret?

Reasons Why Students Buy iPhones

  1. They like iOS better than Android

People who love Android cannot even imagine that others may opt for iOS. There is even a separate type of people who have owned both operating systems and still prefer iOS more. They may like numerous features that simplify the phone’s usage and don’t require to spend hours to customize a new smartphone. Besides, a major advantage of an iPhone is the ability to try all possible updates of iOS even if you bought your smartphone 4 years ago. In this regard, you are on equal footing with people who can afford the latest models of the smartphone. Talking about Android, not all phones get updates even when it comes to flagship models, and it is not to mention numerous budgetary options. When you own an iPhone, you don’t worry that your operating system will be outdated.

  1. They are less likely run into bugs

If you take a well-known and pretty reliable smartphone producer, you will see that they create a wide range of smartphones. Each device should be well-tailored and designed to make sure everything functions perfectly fine. When there are only several smartphones in production, you can do everything on a high-quality level. Thus, many students purchase iPhones just to avoid problems with its functionality. For example, many smartphones of other brands have poor signal reception and soft problems that don’t disappear, even after updates. When you have an iPhone, the chances of running into such bugs are eliminated. You can read essay writing services reviews and feedbacks of other smartphones’ users to understand the situation better.

  1. They like high-quality pics

Everyone knows that an iPhone stands out with its amazing cameras, and it is on the list of main reasons why young people opt for Apple’s device. Talking about the latest models, its capabilities may leave you speechless because it is hard to believe that a smartphone can take such high-quality photos. Besides, its software allows you to shoot full-length films. And since many students dwell on their Instagram profiles, quality of pics is of crucial importance to them. It comes to the rescue when you go on a trip and don’t want to take a heavy SLR camera everywhere with you.

  1. They invest in their next smartphone

It is a time-tested fact that makes an iPhone a more desirable purchase. Thus, when you buy a new iPhone and any other flagship smartphone, you will be able to sell the former twice higher than the latter in several years, even if their initial cost was almost equal. So, if you are used to buying a new smartphone every year, you will spend less on the new phone, having sold your old iPhone. Besides, it is much easier to sell an iPhone in any state compared to all other phones. It may take from several hours to several days, while usually, people don’t want to buy second-hand smartphones at all.

  1. They like accessories that go along with a smartphone

Apple has treated this question seriously and used people’s love for numerous accessories. Any other smartphone cannot boast of such a huge number of additional things you can buy for your iPhone, starting with various cases and musical equipment and to stands, tripods and cases with batteries. And since young people pay too much attention to such things, they purchase Apple products to be able to use all the accessories the company provides them with. Even if you have non-standard or weird taste, you still can find something to your liking.

  1. They like new technologies

One of the main advantages of iPhones is optimization and technical equipment. Even though there are devices that receive higher performance ratings, the latest iPhones have one of the most powerful processors, due to which any applications on the system load instantly and do not lag. So, many students like this smartphone for “smooth” functionality. Besides, Apple devices are equipped with many sensors and technologies that seriously expand the user’s experience, and today many people try to keep pace with the times and try all possible technologies they can reach. You can run into such questions as “Is essaypro reliable? Why did my Xiaomi go down?” on the Internet, but you will hardly come across something like that connected with an iPhone.

  1. They like its security

The iOS operating system is considered the most secure nowadays, especially when compared to Android. You cannot install weird applications that you have found beyond the App Store or get root rights, and the chance of infecting the device with viruses tends to zero. Besides, even pickpockets know that it is useless to steal iPhones, as they can be found quickly, and it is impossible to unlock this device without a fingerprint or Face ID. The new version of iOS can boast of a progressive search option for a device which transmits location info even when your iPhone is turned off.

  1. They like its “ecosystem”

If you have already bought Apple devices like an iPad or MacBook, it is worth considering buying an iPhone as well. In the App Store, you can find numerous applications that can be used on all devices. Another great advantage is an ability to synchronize with all the Apple gadgets in seconds, using the single Apple ID. It is very comfortable from different points of view, especially when your work somehow relates to the IT sector. Many students appreciate such features and buy iPhones to stay in this “ecosystem.”

  1. They like the design of applications

If you compare applications from Apple Store and Google Play, you will see obvious differences, and the former will win this battle. The thing is that iOS makes strict requirements for the design of each app, and many developers don’t meet them at the stage of publishing. Thus, a person who owns an iPhone gets access to the apps with the best design and characteristics. And the wide range of apps is the only reason why people buy smartphones instead of old-fashioned phones.

  1. They like to show off

One way or another, but many students purchase iPhones to highlight their status and show the ability to buy such a flagship smartphone. When you are young and pay too much attention to external attributes, the brand of your gadget may play an important role. Of course, purchasing an iPhone precisely for showing off is considered a bad taste, but many students don’t miss such a chance as well. Indeed, it is the most recognizable smartphone out there, and any person will more likely recognize the model of your iPhone than any other smartphone that looks like one of many.

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