10 Android alarm apps to wake you up

When you study in college, one thing that you constantly lack is time. There is never enough time to do all your home assignments (although you can always send a request like «Please, do my statistics homework» to one of the specific student-helping services). You also never have time for your social life, including regular calls to your mom, meetings with friends, and spending time with your date. Many people believe that if you wake up early enough, you can do more things at the same time, doing them faster and more efficiently. It can be true providing you haven`t worked all night long on your last project (and if you have, again, you can delegate it to such services as https://papercoach.net).

Android alarm apps

The point is, that an early rise can bring you many benefits providing you can nail it (and for students, it is almost impossible). Luckily, in the era of digitalization, you no longer need to ask your roomie to kick you out of the dorm bed if you ignore your smartphone`s alarm clock. In this guide, we are going to discuss the useful features of top helpful mobile apps in Google Play that can help you wake your mind up easily.

Top digital assistants to get up

The most common reason for not waking up early enough is falling asleep too late (obviously). You can stay up late because you have a lot of homework (although you can still pay to do homework), it can be a party with friends or just problems with sleep caused by stress, fatigue, and junk food. No matter what the reason is, you still can wake up early for the sake of your productivity: you only need the right tool. We provide the ten most helpful Android apps created specifically for this goal:

  1. Sleep as Android

This option is quite popular among smartphone models that run on Android because it easily integrates with such apps as Samsung Health or Galaxy Gear (for all Samsung models), Spotify, Google Fit, and, of course, Android Wear. Its main function is to track the process of your sleep and its quality (and yes, to find this out, you will have to lie down hugging your phone). The app analyzes received data and sends you recommendations on the time when it`s better to fall asleep and get up. Thus, even sleeping a couple of hours (but the right hours), you can get up full of energy. The app is now able to predict sleep apnea, but you shouldn`t use it as a diagnostic tool. Subscribe for a free trial and discover the alarm clock and other helpful features;

  1. I Can`t Wake Up

As you can probably guess reading the name, the app helps those who have problems with waking up too early. The great thing about this app is its wake-up must-have tasks (we counted up to eight different options) that you should do in order to switch it off. They include rewriting text, solving a Math task or memory puzzle, just anything to make your brain work. The main idea is to get you up before you can throw it in the wall or switch it off, which means no chance for you to re-start it for later. The software has different alarm styles, you can customize it the most convenient way, and you can also remove ads for $3 per month (a premium version);

  1. Rise Alarm Clock

This mobile alarm is the real artistic work, as they state, and that is true. The software has a minimalistic design, user-friendly interface, and various lovely sounds that make it easier to lure you out of your comfortable bed. All your responsibilities are to set up repeating alarms that will not go away until you get up and make it shut up;

  1. Alarm Clock for Me

The developers of this app provide you with many options for customization like various themes (including Retro and modern ones) and extra bonuses like weather forecast (depending on the location you specify). The app offers different options for better wake-up, including standard sounds, favorite music, and timer. Compared to other similar apps, this one provides background alerts even if you haven`t left it open during the night. The only disadvantage is the annoying ads that you can get rid of only subscribing for a monthly fee;

  1. Sleep Cycle

This is another app that provides more than just repeating alarms. With the help of the built-in accelerometer and sometimes also the microphone of your gadget, it can track the duration and quality of your sleep, identify cycles, and define the lightest period when it’s possible to wake up easily. You will also see the stats about the quality of your night`s sleep compared to other app users. With this tool, you can control your sleep and stay awake when necessary;

  1. Alarmy

The developers of this app named it the worst irritating alarm clock in the world and for a good reason. Even when you tap your phone to make the alarm shut up, it doesn`t go off until you stand up and take a photo of the thing located somewhere in your apartment. You can also customize it by putting Math tasks, questions, scanning codes, not switching off your phone, etc. The efficiency of this method is based on the rule that once you are out of bed, you are ready to start a new day;

  1. Loud Alarm Clock

If you leave this app on for the night, at the specified time, it will start playing and not only your favorite music but something really annoying like the dog barking, a fire alarm, or nails scratching the chalkboard. The alarms constantly change so you don`t get used to it and have no chance to keep sleeping;

  1. AMdroid

Every alarm option in this app has specific settings that contain waking-up challenges, specific location alarms, and the inability to switch it off. The app obviously has an integration with a smartwatch for Android that gives you a convenient option to set time by using simple voice commands. Besides, the app comes absolutely for free;

  1. Uhp Alarm Pro

Like many similar apps on this list, it has a weather forecast feature, personal music, and platform integrations, and different challenges to take you out of the warm bed. You should agree that having to walk somewhere in order to turn the alarm off can make you get up, especially if the place is located quite far from your bed. But compared to other apps, this one gives more motivation: in case you don`t do the task, the app posts a note to your Facebook or Instagram account;

  1. Google Assistant

Surprisingly, but this is also a great option to use that is already built on your smartphone: you only have to ask it to set the time for you. This tool also supports timers and various reminders going at a certain time, which makes it simple in use and quite efficient. At least, why not give it a try?

No matter what app you choose, it is going to be the first step to overcoming your laziness and becoming more productive. Not everyone can become an early bird, but if you have to, you can wake up early enough to complete all your assignments during the day.

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