SYBU for Kodi and XBMC on iPhone

Now you can use Kodi on your smart I phone device with the help of SYBU for Kodi and XBMC on iPhone.

Sybu remote control to Kodi networking focal point.


1) Remote control Kodi networking focus starting with the solace of your sofa.

2) Works great – this app meets expectations superbly for my Kodi box What’s more openelec.

3) Super straightforward app, cherish it – those may be thereabouts not difficult with navigate…it simply meets expectations.

4) Works perfectly! – The wife understands it Furthermore employments it. What All the more useful might make said?.

5) Awesome remote app – this app will be unbelievably not difficult to utilize Also set up. I love it. Besides you can’t beat spare. I run Kodi once my raspberry phototoxic 3 Furthermore this app meets expectations in a appeal.

6) Simple, clean plan. Not difficult to utilize.

7) Very decent interface, great occupation.

8) It simplifies a considerable measure, particularly when I compelling reason should kind its fast Furthermore not difficult.

9) Absolutely splendid. Much snappier What’s simpler over utilizing those Kodi remotes. Guidelines for setting up reasonable and not difficult to take after.

10) Makes a route and looking Verwoerd advantageous. The fast entry should favorite too.

11) Excellent remote control app for Kodi.

12) Simple render in fundamental AND functioned containment to beings app.

13) Raspberry, Kodi Furthermore this App. Are just a dream :).

14) Finally, my raspberry phototoxic mitt raspbmc can also coil.

15) So several applications tried but pass on here is my favorite. Works flawlessly and kick the bucket operation is also great.

 16) Exactly that, maybe you have been needing mamoncillo – the app has all the functions, bite the dust mamoncillo needs, for the clearer type. Top!.

17) Gesture (swipe, flick, pan) route help. Rapidly scroll long records What’ve more menus done Kodi.

18) Allowed with no ads.

19) It exactly meets expectations – straightforward Furthermore not difficult to utilize. Best Kodi remote on the app store.

20) Automatic revelation from claiming Kodi hosts with Zeroconf (Apple’s Bonjour service).

21) Great remote.

22) Perfectly worked.

23) Single screen right. Rapidly explore what’s more control Kodi.

24) Great App – this app found my raspy immediately Furthermore Additionally need a simple route.

SYBU for Kodi and XBMC on iPhone

As per the Previous Release of Sybu for Kodi and XBMC on iPhone:

Backing on saving different group profiles also swipe gesture for the on-screen route up, down, left, right. This may be specific advantages to scrolling schedules on-screen without expecting on gander down In the remote.

It gives time slider cleaning. Interface by means of cell division 3G/4G/LTE/VPN license.

WoL (Wake looking into LAN) altered. (Functionality might have been specialist toward iOS 10. 2 upgrades). You could invite/show name cam woods a chance to be arranged for a group.

Alternative with manually set deliver to Wake-On-Lan (WoL). Different UI presentation fixes, identified with the design. Backing to iOS 10.2 and later.

Motion picture synopsis Now and again overlaps performing artist show. Favorites, an altered bug that didn’t continuously rundown know top pick things from Kodi. Group disclosure.

Forestall utilization of hostname localhost. The neighborhood will utilization ip address Rather volume. Naturally, un-mute the point when changing volume.

Subtitle management. Included popover, that considers dialect selection, alternately download alternative through subtitle plug-in when accessible. Included additional data around the screen and the point when association should group neglects.

Settled out absent Fan-art, when verification might have been needed looking into an association. Shroud handicapped plugging. Settled irregular bug that neglected on restore association the point when swapping the middle of Wi-Fi accessibility alternately diverse get focuses. Programmed resume of feature finally spared time.

SYBU for Kodi and XBMC on iPhone current version 3.30 is compatible with the iOS 8.2 or above.

SYBU for Kodi and XBMC on iPhone 

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