6 Top Shows like Vikings [2018]

Shows like Vikings that is best warriors ready to fight also the medieval theme. Also, best types of fantasy shows based middle age period then you love to check best shows like Vikings.

Vikings such a drama shows also totally based on suspense also war and thrilling elements all types’ excitement high you can watch these all shows, you are happy after watching these shows.

6 Top Shows like Vikings [2018]

shows like Viking

1#. Outlander

Outlander is best shows like Vikings also comes to historical British American TV drama also running now based on the Outlands Series of novels by Diana Gabaldon also show comes for 42 episodes in total also that is plot based on time travel story.

shows like Viking

However, Outlander shows the adventure and drama when Claire gets the act of Jacobite Rising that is also the unique list of shows like Vikings also best to watch this shows.

2#. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is coming to top “shows like Vikings” also talking about this masterpiece of creativity, comes to book series named A Song of Ice and Fire. Here, Game of Thrones is coming full of drama also conspiracies after politics and many more.

shows like Viking

However, this show comes to release 8th and final season in 2018 or 2019 and also the story of Game of Thrones revolves between several dynasties are best trying to gain the power to ultimate throne in order to rule the middle earth that is best shows 67 episodes also people very love to watch this shows like Vikings.

3#. Spartacus

Spartacus comes to bloodshed and thrilling fights in Vikings also these shows similar to shows like Vikings and that is best historical background show focuses on Thracian Gladiator popularly known as Spartacus. However, Spartacus is coming about the rising of slaves the cruel Roman Empire and a lot of war scenes in the show also show is comes for the treatment and quite larger and also keeps the audience hooked that is best shows like Vikings.

Shows like Vikings

4#. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is the top category of shows like Vikings because that is American drama web TV series comes to the genre of adventure and historical angle too. However, Marco Polo is coming to 2 seasons comprising of 20 episodes also these show is coming to 13th-14th century and stars Lorenzo Richelmy and Benedict in lead roles also these show different shows like Vikings.

Shows like Vikings

5#. Rome

Rome is coming to some additional shows like Viking also these show British American Italian TV series based the theme of historical drama also two seasons comprised only 22 episodes with political and fight for justice also that is very big cast and some characters are based on real-life people. The show on HBO and on BBC and gained immense success and received awards too that is top level shows like Viking.


6#. Knightfall

Knightfall comes to regular to TV shows also best shows like Viking also show is still running best and also most popular shows like Vikings related on the theme of historical fiction drama. The show on History channel and visually treat also beautiful locations of the Czech Republic and Croatia.


However, this show comes to focus on the Knights Templar leader Sir Landry du Luzon also needs to take on the swords again also show starts with fall of Knights Templar that is best shows like Viking.

Final Words

However, above mentioned all shows like Viking and these all shows are coming full drama and you choose to watch best favorite show above mentioned that is best for all time. So, completed guide for 6 Top Shows like Vikings and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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