How To Download and Install ShowBox on your PC

Here, we will show you how to download and install the Show Box app to your Windows computer using Windows Emulator like ARC Welder or Bluestacks so you can easily to stream free movies directly from your PC. You know that the Show Box is one of the popular Android apps that lets you watch and download free movies and TV shows. Using this aid of ARC Welder or Bluestacks, an Android emulator for computers, that can be able to run any Android app on your computer. So let’s ride with full guide how to run Show Box on a Pc Here

Download ShowBox to a PC Method using ARC Welder

  1. Download and install the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now Open Google Chrome and download ARC Welder.
  3. Press ‘Add to Chrome
  4. Press ‘Add app
  5. Open a new tab and press ‘Apps
  6. Open ARC Welder
  7. Hit ‘Choose‘ and select a directory or create a new one for ARC Welder (this is where the data for the installed apps are stored)
  8. Download Showbox.APK to your computer.
  9. In ARC Welder, press ‘Add your APK‘ and add the Showbox.APK
  10. Hit ‘Test’ (Note: You can enable full screen under Form factor)
  11. Showbox will now run on your PC. (If you are getting “Connection Error: Check your internet connection” error, simply open new tab in Chrome > Apps > Showbox)

To launch Showbox in the future, open Chrome > New tab > Apps > Showbox

If you are getting a “WebGL is not supported” error, please follow the instructions:

  1. In Chrome, go to chrome://settings and click ‘Show advanced settings…
  2. Now Make sure ‘Use hardware acceleration when available‘ is turned on
  3. Go to chrome://flags and make sure ‘Override software rendering list‘ is enabled
  4. WebGL should now be enabled. Go to chrome://gpu and make sure WebGL says ‘Hardware accelerated

You should now be able to run Showbox using ArcWelder.

Download ShowBox to a PC Method using BlueStacks

  1. Download and install BlueStacks here (the link is directly from the official BlueStacks site):
  2. Download the Show Box.APK here:
  3. Right-click the.APK file and open withBlueStacks APK Installer
  4. Open BlueStacks and run Show Box

You can now stream Show Box on your PC!

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