An all new cinematic magic with Epson’s 3LCD Technology is something you should not miss

The world has witnessed the greatest revolutions in the history of time, but in the contemporary scenario, there is nothing as big as technology. The change was inevitable, but one was not sure about its frequency. Today, things change like the speed of light. Every day somewhere in the world there is news of innovation that helps people to witness some unimagined possibilities.

Cinema or as we say motion pictures have also gone through a lot of experiment with the arrival of new technologies. From Eadweard Muybridge then to Epson now all have tried for a change to enrich the cinematic experience.

Here we will talk about the latest revolution brought by Epson in giving audiences a cinematic treat with its 3LCD technology in Epson home theatre projector. With vibrant colors and high contrast ratio, the product is sure to bring something new and different.

Now, people in today’s world need to be a conscious buyer, so before you buy this there is every need to know about the product, and the technology revolves around it.

What is actually 3LCD technology?

The technology brings home the most innovative and refined view of movies for all cinema lovers. But the science involved behind this is much more interesting for all to read.

There is a prism which segregates the light into red, green and blue color. Then the light passes through the LCD panel which reflects the image based on that color. In the end, the projector combines the light into a complete image and catapults it through the lens.

For a common man knowledge of new technology is always a sign of progression, but buying a new product requires more persuasion as to why is 3LCD better?

Vibrant color

No doubt that Epson home theatre projector with 3LCD technology gives you the most vibrant color on the screen. With the inception of high definition content, it is now a fundamental aspect for a projector to enrich the original color of the film. The richness of color in a 3LCD monitor gets determined by the Color Brightness and Color Gamut.

Crystal clear detailing of images

Every wildlife show admirer always demands the best kind of detailing on the images.  The 3LCD technology delivers smooth and noise-free image on the screen. The projector has the finest grayscale range that makes such an in-depth detailing possible. As a whole, it gives the most incredible experience of viewing shows or a science fiction film for that matter.

Less energy consumption

Another vital point which people often consider before buying any electronic gadget is the consumption of electricity. The 3 LCD technology projectors consume 25% less electricity in comparison to other products.

3LCD technology has a competitor DLP (Digital Light Processing). Know who is better?

There is always a comparison study between 3LCD Technology and DLP as to which one is better.  Over here one thing is very prominent that both of them have updated technology which gives pleasant experience on screen.

Both DLP and 3LCD technology are in demand, but people choose between the two when there is a requirement of any specific feature. But in the end, both have incredible picture quality.

Trust online, Trust Epson.

Till now you must have decided on what to buy and why 3LCD technology is a recommended one.  Epson is still a pioneer in serving people with the highest quality product, and to buy projector online there is nothing like Epson’s online store. Here is the link Epson Printer

Often people have trust issues with online shopping, and they prefer to buy it from retail. But the fact is that buying Epson product online is easy and can invariably be trusted by customers. So with your next purchase of Epson projector online scroll through the portal and choose the one which suits your requirement.

This brings us to an end of this blog, but before we sign off let us tell you that if you an ardent fan of cinema and want to feel the ultimate experience at home then invest on 3LCD technology from the house of EPSON and be a witness to some appealing visual magic.

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